Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another appointment

Well I had another doctor appointment today. Gabriele is approximately 3lbs. 10 oz., she is right on track. Today was another emotional visit though. There is a possibility that she may have a problem with her liver. I am absolutely beside myself, every time I start to get comfortable something else appears to be a concern. The tech said there is no way of knowing until Gabriele is born, but it is just another stab at my heart. I mean I know she is developing well and moving like crazy, but the thought of another complication tears me up inside. She is so small and so fragile I just want nothing more than for her to be born so we can fix it all. So from this point on Dr. Bennett has suggested that we have her under surveillance to make sure there are no further complications...biggest concern there is a higher risk for still born birth. So if we are able to monitor on a weekly basis there are things that can be done if further complications arise to prevent that from happening. I want to scoop her in my arms hold her tight and protect her. I just want my baby here with us.
I am so scared, I am so afraid of losing her. We are getting so close and yet things still keep happening to her. She is such a strong active little girl, I know she will pull through and we will have a long happy life together, I am just scared of the unknown. The doctor would not go into detail about her liver other than the color is brighter than it should be. Next week I meet with the neonatologist which hopefully he will have a better explanation of what we saw today.
Please God watch over our baby and protect her from any pain and complications. Jason and I promise to give her a wonderful life, just get her to us. I will ask nothing more than for strength through this emotional time. I need to stay strong for Gabriele, but each day I feel I crumble a little more, please help me.


Uncle Mike said...

Just wanted to say that I believe in your sretngth and resolve. God did not make you or Jason average, but something so much more. The same goes for Gabriele. You are in God's favor in my prayers and thoughts. Keep your head up. When one door closes God opens two more.

Shelly said...

I just wanted to let you know that we are all praying for you and your family. We love you very much and know that it takes a strong individual to go through all this. Please if you need to talk, lean on your friends, that is why God put us in your life. I personally know it is easier to just be alone, but we would love to be there for you. Thinking of you......


Meemaw T said...

I am so proud of you both for the strength and courage you have shown in the last few months. Life has a way of allowing us to see things from a different perspective and suddenly things that were important seem so trivial. From the moment I saw Gabi on the ultrasound I loved her. I have a feeling we will all learn alot from this little angel. I can wait to see her, love her and be her grandma.