Monday, November 27, 2006

Being Thankful...

It has been a little while since I have written, things have been very hectic. This past week was Thanksgiving, so we have had a lot going on. Gracie got to spend a long week with us, which is always fun. We went to Hobby Lobby on wednesday and bought a few things for sissy. Her and I decided that we will make a scrapbook. It was so much fun picking out all the cute stickers and fun paper to go in it. We also bought wooden frames, one for her mommy's birthday and one for sissy. She and I worked on her mommy's, but her and daddy worked on Gabi's. It is so cute and made with lots of love. On thursday morning we put up the Christmas tree. That is always an adventure. We decided that we will buy new stocking for everyone. Gracie wants her and Gabi to have matching stockings, so she picked out megaphone stockings that say CHEER, of course I am all for the cheerleading stuff.
Thursday evening we spent at Memaw T and Papa B's house for turkey. It was amazing food as always. Then on friday we went to Mema and Papa Ackers for more turkey, the food is never disappointing there either. It was perfect to celebrate on 2 different days because then we were able to enjoy both. I have to say even though we do a lot of running back and forth with both families, I wouldn't have it any other way. We are so blessed to have each other and have the opportunity to enjoy each others company as much or a little as we want. Jason and I are both very close to our families so it means a lot to us to take Gracie to visit, and soon Gabi will experience the same.
As of today I am 31 weeks and I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. We have had so many life changing things happen since finding out we were pregnant that it has keep me very occupied. In a few short weeks we will be bringing into the world our little bundle of joy. I am most anxious to see what Gabriele looks like, of course she will be beautiful, but I can't wait to see her features. I hope she has her daddy's eyes. I want to know her personality, I know she will be very active, that I can tell you is a given. I am convinced she is a natural born cheerleader. Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment, I have a ultrasound schedule, hopefully it is in 3D again. So until the next time...