Monday, November 20, 2006

A Big Weekend...

November 18 2006

Baby Shower for Gabi...

This weekend was very exciting, it was the Baby Shower. It was held at Memaw T's house, given by Memaw T and Aunt Laurie. We had so much fun celebrating Gabriele's arrival. We played some really fun games...Match the baby name to the celebrity, they have very unusual names. Gabi will be glad we are only spelling her name unique, instead of naming her something like Moondoggie...hahaha...Aunt Tonya won this game. We also had to smell the dirty diaper and guess what candy was in it. The candy bar was smashed and melted it really did look like doodoo...Mommy won this game. Then we had the alphabet down the sheet of paper, we had to write something for each letter that was baby related...Aunt Amanda won this game. And there was a diaper raffle...any one who brought a box of diapers got to enter a drawing. It was great cause we won't have to buy diapers for a while...Aunt Tami won the raffle.

After the games were over we opened gifts. Everyone was was so generous, Daddy and I loved everything. Gabriele will be a very warm, well dressed baby. She got 10 blankets and tons of clothes, among other things. I would say Daddy was most excited about the Hawkeye t-shirt Aunt Tami got and the Hawkeye cheer uniform Aunt Tonya got. The most special gift came from Big Sissy, she got little pink ballet slippers, butterfly slippers, a classic pooh blanket, and a bear that she had when she was a baby. The blanket is sweet because she had a pooh blanket she loved when she was a baby and she wanted sissy to have one too. As far as the little white bear, Daddy said Gracie never went anywhere without it. She wanted to pass it to sissy cause it was so special to her. We got a few gift certificates and Mommy didn't wait long to spend those, we went to Target on Sunday and got a bunch of goodies. All in all it was a great day and I was so glad that those who attended were there it meant so much to us!

On Sunday, after shopping at Target we took Gracie to see Happy Feet. What a great movie, it had a wonderful message which brought tears to my eyes. It comes down to this, just because someone is different doesn't mean they can't survive and make a difference in everyone's lives. That really hit home and I think everyone should see the movie. Not to mention it is super cute...Gracie had Happy Feet afterwards and couldn't stop tapping her was really funny!