Monday, November 20, 2006

A Fathers Perspective

Well...this has been up for a few days now and daddy hasn't had a chance to write in here so I figured now would be a good time.

There is so much going on in the world and there are so many things that we allow ourselves to be overwhelemed by that sometimes we lose site of what is really important. I married an incredible woman in Micah. She is such an amazing wife to me and has never faltered in showing her love. We have so much fun together and we truly are best friends. When we are feeling happy, sad, frustrated, or plane upset we have no problems talking to each other and making sure we understand where the other stands. When the news of Gabi's uniqueness came to us we were shocked at first. Not because of how it was going to affect us or our loved ones but because of the incredible strength that little girl is going to need to deal with the worlds ignorance. As each day passes and we get closer and closer to the arrival of our little miracle I become more confident that everything is going to be OK. There are several reason why I know that. The first of course is Gabi's Mommy. Micah is such a strong and loving person. She understand what it means to have to deal with ignorant people every day and she has shined through it. She has been on ESPN as a college cheerleader and won a National Championship ring for cheerleading. She has looked ignorance in the face and said..."Watch This". She has accomplished things that athletes twice her size have only dreamed of doing and she continues to move forward. I know that regardless of the adversity that little Gabriele may face having a mother like Micah to show her and teach her that regardless of the limitations that the world puts on her the only limitations that really matter are the ones she will put on herself! Another reason I know everything is going to be ok is because of our family and friends. We have such loving people all around us that are not criticizing or sympathizing with Gabi's uniqueness but encouraging and supporting us by being blessed with such an incredible child. As a father all I want is the best for all of my children and my wife. There isn't much I won't do to make sure that happens either. As Micah said before I have encountered many obstacles in life but there are only two things you can do when that happens. Either let the obstacles take control of you and destroy you or you take control of them and live life to the fullest no matter what!

I am sure I will add more entries as time goes on but I want to make sure that I put my thoughts in here as well. Gabi will be loved and taken care of just like Gracie, and for those of you who know how much attention and how spoiled little Gracie is...I have a feeling Gabi will be just fine! Until Next Time!


Gabi's Mommy said...

You are such an amazing man! Thank you for believing in me, but most importantly in us. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you as we watch our family grow.
I love you daddy...xoxo