Thursday, November 16, 2006


I have read and reread yesterdays entry several times and it made me think...who defines what is "normal"? Who is to say that our little girl will not be normal? She may develop a little slower and she may look a little different, but who wants to look like everyone else. Take me for example, people stare at me all the time because I am only 4ft. 8in. tall. People are so close minded to think that something is wrong with me because I am short, but really it is people's ignorance that defines who they are. So if we all looked at people for who they are not what they are then wouldn't life be more enjoyable?
I know that we will go through life looking at things a little differently, up until this point I took so much for granted. I did not realize how quickly one day can change the rest of your life. But now that I have had time to process I realize our lives will only be better for we are being blessed with a little angel to remind us of what truly matters...
Jason has been my rock. He has such an amazing outlook on life. He has gone through things most people ask, how did you do that? His answer I had to... You don't stop living because you are given challenges. You face those challegens and continue on with the next day. I feel bad because he travels a lot for work and I am home alone alot. I don't want to call family or friends everytime I am sad or scared, so I usually wait until he gets home, I cry to him. I find comfort in the fact that we are strong enough as a couple that we will be so good for Gabriele. It is still a struggle everyday knowing that I cannot do anything to help her at this point, but as soon as my baby is here I will do everything to give her a wonderful life.


erica said...

I agree...I mean...I am perfect! Our differences make us the coolest Erica or the hottest Micah. It's our differences that make us worthy of our existence. Do we really think God created us to be the same? My God knows my heart and he told me that normal doesn't exist. So, let's celebrate our abnormalities...because we are too cool and too great...just the way we are.