Wednesday, December 6, 2006

100 %

Memaw T and Papa B came with me to the visit, Daddy was out of town. Yesterday was our first Bio Physical Profile Test (BPP), this is the test we have to go in for on a weekly basis now. Gabriele scored 100%, 8 out of 8. The nurse had to observe 4 different functions: muscle tone, muscle flexibility, her respiratory motion, and the amount of amniotic fluid. The tests can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as an hour and a half. She passed within 26 minutes. It was a very comforting visit today...FINALLY!!
Then I met with Dr. Bennett, he has no concerns at this point. I asked him more about the potential liver problem, he said it is nothing I should consume myself is not a major focus. That was a relief I had been worried since last week. Unfortunately we were unable to meet with the neonatologist, but I will see him next week. Jason will get to be at the appointment next week, so I am kind of glad we didn't meet with him this week, I didn't want Daddy to miss out.
I cannot believe I have officially entered into my 8th month, 32 weeks and 2 days to be exact. It is so exciting to think that in about 7 weeks we will get to see Gabriele for the first time. She is constantly kicking, punching, and stretching inside of me, but to see her and hold her for the first time...I CANNOT WAIT!!!