Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ava Update...

I told Amy I knew Ava and Gabi would have the pink factor in common! The bow is just the perfect touch:)

The ecmo machine is allowing Ava's heart to rest after such a major surgery. Amy said she is doing very well on the machine. Here is where the problems begin Ava's aorta is extremely small. Althoug you would think that would be the biggest problem, it is not, the doctors can fix that to a certain degree. Because the aorta is so small the corinary arteries tend to be very small...that is the biggest problem, they can do nothing to fix that. So she will continue to be on the ecmo machine, the plan is they will start to wean her off of the ecmo, with hopes of being completely off of it on Friday.

Many of you have been our viewers since we went through the journey of Gabi's surgery. I mentioned many times how horrible it felt as a parent to be so helpless. To not have anything you can do to help your child is the most horrific feeling Jaosn and I have ever experienced. Nate and Amy are a very strong couple and they have already been put through that helplessness with Kaden. I just pray that God gives Ava the strength to feel her parents love.
Be sure to check out their blog Amy has posted a ton of photos...Ava is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Here are a few I copied, but you definitely need to see the rest!


Kaden's mommy said...

Thanks again for ALL of your support. It really does mean a lot to us. I agree with is definately the girls' color. I will try to post pictures from the baptism and Kaden with Ava later this week. Love, Amy

Anonymous said... gorgeous.. May god bless their family in this time of need