Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let's Make a Difference Together!

We have yet to have any huge fundraisers since the launch of our web site. I have been so busy and not really had the time to come up with the perfect creative idea. But as many of you have read there are families who need our help and they need it NOW. Mostly importantly they need our prayers, which I believe Bella and Ava are getting plenty of those. I want to do more though. Many of you have emailed me families besides the above 2 who are in the hospital and could use our help. I would love to help them all. The truth of the matter is after we stuffed the stockings at Christmas, we have very limited funds left. Now what I would like to do is challenge our viewers. At the very bottom of this page there is a traffic feed, it tells me when someone is on the blog, it tells me the exact location where you are viewing from. I absolutely love it! It gives me a chance to see where our viewers are from. I have noticed from the ticker on our web site that we have had over 600 hits...WOW!!!
Many of you have already donated and we greatly appreciate your support, maybe you could encourage your family and friends???
I would like to challenge you to see how much money we can raise in one week. We have a donate page on the web site. We take all forms of, check, credit cards. Even if it is only $5, every little bit counts. Maybe you could pass a jar around at the office, or maybe you could tell your friends to donate $5 to some children whos families could really use it??? We are a non profit organization so all donations are tax deductable! I would be more than happy to send receipts to those who donate. Tomorrow I will be posting our bands as well, on the web site. They are white and embossed with hot pink writing, Gifts of Gabi's Grace. This is a wonderful cause and people are always wondering how they could make a difference, so now is your chance.

So let the one week challenge begin...


Anonymous said...

MIcah & Jason, again I have to tell you both how proud I am of you. The time & effort you two are putting forth to help others is amazing, the fact that what you two have been through it should be all of us helping you but unselfishly all you want is to help others. I believe that your story will continue to touch others and that Gabi's sweet life will have made a difference for all of us. She sure has made a difference in my life. I don't know how but keep going forward with this message and people will listen. There are so many that need help, I never realized to what degree until Gabi. Thanks for all you do in her name. You will always have the love & support of your family and friends new & old. I love you both so much!!

Love, Mimi (Micahs mommy)