Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bella needs our prayers too!!!

This morning when I woke up I got onto the computer to do my ritual checking of the blogs. Well I was absolutely devastated, Bella is back in the hospital and will be having another open heart surgery next week. The surgery is something that Matt and Megan knew this would happen eventually, but not so soon or so unexpectedly. Megan had noticed that Bella seemed congested and not like normal congestion. They were suppose to have gone to CMH on Monday for a regular clinical appointment, but due to an ice storm, they did not make it in. Megan had called CMH yesterday and explained Bella's condition. She has also been sweating and showing some signs of heart failure. Megan is very good at recognizing when something is not right with Bella. CMH said come right in and bring a bag in case they have to admit her. Sur enough Megan's intuition was right. Bella needs to have open heart ASAP. Her surgeon is out of town, so they will wait till Monday or Tuesday when he came perform her surgery. She has an anurysm on her heart. Did you even know that was possible we didn't!?! It looks to be right at the conjunction of the piece they put in during her truncus repair. It is known as the homograft. For more details and continuous updates be sure to visit their on the link below


Anonymous said...

... God Bless Bella's family in this time of need..