Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dear Tooth Fairy...

It finally happened, Gracie lost her first tooth today! She has been wigglin on it for a while now. She said that she was in her room workin on it and it just popped out. She also said, "Blood does not taste good, but she is ok!" I thought that was really cute! So hear she is, missing a tooth...right up front:)
And on a more serious note, Please Please say extra prayers for baby Ava tomorrow. She has a big journey ahead of her with open heart surgery first thing in the morning. We will keep updates. Lord, please take this little darling into your hands and protect her, make her strong so that she can live a long and happy life with her mommy, daddy, and big brother, along with the rest of her family!
We love you Boeckman family, you are in our thoughts and prayers!


Isabella said...

Cute Picture!! And Gracie is right blood does taste yucky!!
Well we are headed to KC in the a.m. I hope we get a chance to see Amy and Nate.
Love Ya

Fred Acker said...

See Gracie, I told ya it would be ok! I sure wish you would have let us tie a string around it and fastened it to the door knob! It would have been much more fun to watch that tooth go flying across the room! Ha. So what did the tooth fairy leave you? Maybe lots of candy so you'll loose another one. Ha! Bye Gracie. We love you!

Papa and Mema Acker

Anonymous said...

Hey Micah,
Thanks for posting this. That is so cute. She is so excited and so darn cute with her tooth missing. That big tooth is coming in fast though. It looks like it might take up as much space as both of her front baby teeth together. She will have her mama's teeth for sure. Poor girl!! Hope you have a great day!