Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our BIG Girl...

This week Kinsley has accomplished many new things. Well maybe I should rephrase that, she has experienced many new firsts. It amazes me how quickly she is developing, before you know it she will be crawling all over the place, saying her first words, and dating...hahaha!!! Hopefully that is a very very very long time from now.

My neighbor comes over almost everyday with her 2 year old, Jess and Joellen. Joellen loves her baby Kaddy! So when they were over, Jess mentioned I should put together the exersaucer and see Kaddy does in it. Thanks for the little push to do so, because Kaddy LOVES it. I guess I thought she needed to be much bigger, ha, the seat is a little big, but she can sit up in it and reach all the toys. It is a little advanced for her, but a little extra work never hurt anybody. I cannot believe how much she does play with the toys on it. She reaches, pulls, pushes buttons...most of it is accidental hits, but she still does it and smiles and giggles when it make noises. Soon she will realize it it her that makes the noises go off.

One night at dinner this week I put her in her high chair for the first time, perfect fit. I always set her in the vibrating chair while we eat, so she can be with us, but it is always on the floor, so she has to look up at us. It doesn't bother her, but when I put her in the high chair, talk about grins and giggles...she LOVED being up with mommy and daddy!
I gave her cereal for the first time too! She isn't a huge fan, she definitely likes me better, but it was something new and fun to try. I think she wore more than actually made it into her tummy, but we will keep working on it!

Please mommy, don't make me do this!?!

And finally her last first of the week, we took her to the Ren Fest yesterday. She is so stinkin cute, she had a great time. Such a good time she went about 4 hours before she realized she hadn't eaten, that is huge in the late afternoon. Gracie wore her little fairy outfit and we all enjoyed the day. We will be out there quite a bit since Mimi and Papi are working there again this year. If anyone is interested in going or wants to meet us there please be sure to let me know!

Notice Kinsley is holding Gracie's Fairy wand...she is such a strong little monkey!!!


CrackerJacks said...

So adorable! I really cannot believe hpow big she has gotten! Her piggies are so cute!

WE LOVE Ren Fest and can't wait to go this year!! We are so excited for the girls to go. Do you know where the best place is to get discount tickets?

Great photos!

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I love when you post pictures. Kinsley is growing up so fast. I think the first picture of her sucking her thumb is my favorite. She is such a doll.

Isabella said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe how big she is and how cute she is. She looks so sweet. I want to snuggle her so bad!! Hopefully I can see her soon.
Missing You

Anonymous said...

So cute! Can't wait to see her! Laurie