Saturday, August 2, 2008

Remembering Our Angel

This month I am going to focus on our little angel. You may ask why this month, well as hard as it is to believe, on the 20th it will have been a year since Gabi received her wings. What a long yet short year it has been. We lost our baby, found out we were pregnant, moved to Indiana, lost a job, moved in with my parents, had a beautiful healthy baby girl, and then finally moved back to Kansas back into our house. It seems as if we would be out from under it all, but things continue to challenge our lives. I never want to sound ungrateful for the things we do have, but things have been very very tough around our household lately and it would be nice for a bit of a break.

Jason finally found a job which he really enjoys. There is a new fitness club opening in Lawrence, Maximus, he is the General Manager. They are doing presales now, but come October things should really be boomin! So if you live in our area, make an appointment with him to check it out:) He is working crazy retail hours, so we hardly see each other. Which makes me sad cause we really got spoiled being around each other a lot and now we really miss each others company.

Kinsley went to the doctor yesterday for 3 shots...not fun, but she did surprisingly very well. She weighed in at 10 lbs. 11 oz. and she is now 22 3/4 in. long. She is growing like a weed and she gets cuter every second! She coos and giggles a lot, she smiles when smiled at, she focuses on object especially her silly daddy. They have a really cute little song and she smiles soooo big and giggles so hard when daddy sings it to her!
Gracie is getting ready to go back to school, she starts on the 13th. Seems like every year they start earlier. She is excited though. She is can't wait o be in her teachers class, although she wishes she could be in 1st grade again so she can go back to Gary's class:) I am sure she will see her plenty though in the halls, before and after school. She has been reading and practicing her sight words for 2nd grade. It has been a great summer, but we are all ready for school.As for me I am super excited for the perks of Jason's new job, I get a free membership, so come October, I will be a gym junkie! It is about time I get my butt back into shape, among other things:)

Now most importantly my angel, GABI...
I wonder what she is doing right this second? I wonder how often she visits me and the rest of our family? I wonder how long her piggies are? I wonder if her favorite color is still pink? I wonder if she still gets pedi's and paints her pigs pink? I hope she is serving as the best President the Piggie Tail Club has ever seen. I am convinced she has lots of friends and she helps many like Angel Jack, Angel Brenlee, and Angel Ava. I hope she knows just how much Daddy and I miss her every single day. We wish we could hold her, hug her, smell her, kiss her all over! It is so hard to believe how much time has passed since we last held our baby, but we thank God everyday for the time we did have with her. We were once touched by an angel, how many of you can say that? She has been the reason Jason and I have not given up. We have faced many many challenges in this last year, but her will to fight and keep going gives us strength we never knew existed in ourselves. This month I will share some of my inner most feelings about the baby I once held and will continue to love her forever and ever. Be prepared with a box of tissues, cause I am sure we will all need them!

I do have one request on August 20th will you please put your kids in piggies for Gabi. And if you want take a picture and send them to me. It may sound silly, but I can't imagine remembering her any other way. I know many of you still follow our family very closely, thank you! The continued support definitely helps with each passing day.



RK said...

I hope things settle down for you very soon. And I love the idea of National Piggies Day. We're in! I've got it on the calendar. :o)

Anonymous said...

Does it count if I put my hair in piggies since I don't have any kids? =)
God bless your family. I pray every night for you guys, you have had a rough time this year but God has been there every step of the way and I pray it just gets easier!?!

So...when you get settled and money starts coming in does that mean your making a special trip? Or I get to come there? I hope so.. I need some time away from Kentucky!! I can't wait to meet that lil special thing!

Congrats Jason on the great job! Oh we know all about retail hours don't we Lil Bit? Remember our team meetings, and floor changes till 2:00 am..some how I miss those days that we complained about.. =)
Love ya

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

That's what I will need come March...a gym membership : )!!! I did get your e-mail and will e-mail you back hopefully tomorrow.

I too, love the idea for National Piggies Day. Unfortunately, I don't think Kaden OR Nate would appreciate me putting piggies in Kaden's hair, so I will try to put them in mine!!! I want you to know that I think our angels all of the time and I do feel like they are friends in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for Jason's new job at Maximus! I work out at Maximus in Topeka and have talked my sister into joining the new one in Lawrence when it opens! i hope it all goes well! I will definitely be wearing piggies on the 20th! :) good luck with everything, and always know i'm thinking of you and your family!
Jen(Kaden and Angel Ava's Aunt)

Proud Momma of 3 said...

I am crying reading your site and know the journey is hard. My Sierra had Down Syndrome and passed away this past May. My heart is forever broken but I have to go on because I have two children who need me and so does my husband. I just want Sierra back so badly. I wonder if our girls know each other there in their Heavenly home. Gabi is beautiful. You will all be in my prayers.


Mary Lynn