Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Special Prayers for Papa

Today Papa Acker had surgery, the old fashion way I might add. He refers to this surgery as a roota-rooter. Not only did they go in and clean him out, but they wanted to see if the cancer has spread. He is out of surgery and doing well according to Mema, but we will not results for a bit. We/He would greatly appreciate a few extra prayers for him. He is a tough old guy, so we know things will be in his favor, but never hurts to have a few more prayers!

I sent Gabi on a special mission today. I talked to her about Papa and how important is was to be there with the doctors working on him as well as being there with him through the surgery and recovery. I know my girl and she is taking good care of him!
On a side note I wanted to mention Gracie went back to school today! It is so hard to believe she is in the 2nd grade already! She was super excited and ready to see all her friends. She wore the cutest little outfit, I had to show her off:) Love you kiddo, believe it or not I do miss you already!

Miss Kinsley continues to grow like a weed, here's a few cute pics I have been dying to post, she is soooooo stinkin adorable!!! I finally caught a couple of smiles on camera, she was laughing at her Daddy at the time...he is so silly!


Megan said...

Sending prayers for papa Acker.
Like I told you on the phone, I can't believe how big Kinsley is. I swear she has grown about 10 inches since I saw her last!!
Let's talk soon.
Miss You and always praying for you

Anonymous said...

Aww..she's so adorable! Sending prayers ur way!

All 4 My Gals said...

Oh my goodness she is one beautiful baby girl!!!!