Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally some good news...

Big news today for our friends Matt and Megan...Bella went home today! They have been in and out of the hospital since February. So this is a huge thing and she is doing much better than any other attempt before. She is still a sick baby, but I believe being at home may be exactly what she needs. She has 2 older sisters who haven't gotten to be with her much and I know they were ready for sissy to be home! I know I have posted their blog address before, but check out some of her recent photos...she is such a doll!
Scroll down to an entry titled Micah these a for you...we gave Bella a few things of Gabi's.

Fred, my father in-law, got results from his CT and Bone Scan and... he has a hot spot on his hip. A hot spot means it could be a fracture, could be arthritis, or it could be cancer. He will have to see the oncologists, Dr. Stein, that was Jason's doctor. Luckily we know he is a very good doctor and he will take very good care of Big Daddy Acker:) There was nothing in the lympnodes ( I am sure I spelled that wrong). We are definitely looking a lot more positive than we were last week. I told Papi Gabi would watch over him. Last night Fred, Phyllis, my mom and step dad, and Aaron came over to celebrate...we played cards (Pitch) till 3am. I cannot remember the last time we stayed up that late, needless to say I was worthless today!!!

Thank you for the continuous prayers. Please keep praying for Fred and Bella!

Love to all!!!

P.S. Gabi is 8 months old today...wish I had a picture to post... LOVE YOU ANGEL!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey..that's awesome!! and it's truly sad that there is not a pic for Gabi's 8 months but there is a beautiful angel with gorgeous wings in the sky watching over you daily!
God Bless
Bella n her family and you lil Bit and your family are in my prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday angel...I know you are smiling down on us and watching over all of us. I miss you so especially watch over your mommy cause she really needs you and misses you so much. You are always in my heart and you are forever my special baby girl. Love you forever.
Mimi T.

Nicole said...

Micah, I will be praying for your fil honey.

Can you email me please?

Thank you honey! You are on my mind constantly and in my prayers.

In Him,

Isabella said...

Hey I figured out how to comment with my blogger name!! I know you are so proud. We miss you guys. Can't wait for us to get together. Hopefully we can do it soon.
Lots of Love