Saturday, September 29, 2007

Help Needed!

Ok first off hello everyone, I still exist and I do still get on the blogs! haha. It has just been a while since I've had a chance to leave an entry. Micah used to be so busy with Gabi that I had to leave the entries and now this is an extra outlet for her, so thank you so much for continuing to read our blog and keep up with us and the families that we have gotten so close to.

So here is where we need your help.

We are still working on the legal issues with setting up "Gifts of Gabi's Grace." Imagine that...getting caught up in paperwork when lawyers are invovlved! (No offense Laurie) haha However, we can still accept money in the form of a donation to her memorial fund and then we can give people money in the form of a personal donation. Her is why I mention this. Gifts of Gabi's Grace is being built to help families that are having to sacrafice so much to take care of their kids in the hospitals. We want to introduce you to the families so when you donate money you can read about them and follow along with the families you are helping. So many of you that have already contributed can feel comforted that you have helped little Bella's family at and now you've helped little Chelsea's family at Another family that may need our help in the very near future would be Kaden's family at

A website has been set up at it is a little rough around the edges but operational. We have also just set up a paypal account to accept donations that way as well and will have a button on the website very soon. In the meantime go to the website and click on the link to contact us if you would like to make a donation. I know many of you have already donated but if we could just get everyone that logs on here to send $5 it would make a huge impact in the lives of families like Isabella, Chelsea's, Kaden's, and many many more. We do currently also have the ability to accept credit cards. So if there is anyway that you have something extra from $1 on up it will be put to good use to help these families that again have to sacrafice so much to take care of their children.

Us better than anyone know how things can get tighter than you would like and if you can't donate please donate a prayer. Hop on these families blogs and leave a comment to let them know you are praying for them.

If you have any questions leave us a comment or go to the website ( and contact us.

Jason, Micah, Gracie, ANGEL GABI, and Belly Baby Acker


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Beely Baby Acker? That is too funny! You all are doing a great job. You've made Gabi's Memory a very special thing!

Anonymous said...

Belly Baby.. Ha Ha that's adorable! Hey, I went to the website but I couldn't find a place to donate money or maybe I just read it wrong who knows! Anyways, let me know where to send some money..Micah has my email address and my number.
God Bless. keep growing baby and look over us Gabi.
Dana Sue Jones

Isabella said...

It is so wonderful what you are doing. That was such a special moment when we became the first recipients of Gifts of Gabi's Grace. I hope we get to see both of you on Wednesday!! I can't believe we have been home for almost three weeks. Praise God.
Love You Guys
Megan, Matt, Bella, Abby and Madison

Nicole said...

You guys are beautiful and will touch so many with what you are doing. Gabi leaves a great legacy!