Friday, September 7, 2007

A Special Dinner

Tonight we went to dinner with Matt and Megan. It was such a good time. I just cannot thank my sweet angel enough for bringing such an amazing family into our lives. We feel blessed to have them in our circle of friends. Bella seems to be doing really good. They have actually said next Wednesday she will be going home...Wahooooo!!! We are so happy for them to be able to take their angel home. She has been through so much and I think the best thing for her at this point is to be at home with her 2 big sisters, mommy, daddy, and the rest of their family. Even though she is going home she will still need a lot of prayers, she has a long ways to go before she is completely out of the woods, this is definitely one step closer to that though. We have put our faith in the Lord that he will do what is best for her.
It was difficult driving the old route, we did it for so long and then haven't in the last couple of weeks and tonight, well it was tough. But we put that aside because we wanted to be able to be there for Matt and Megan. They are so far from home and we think of them as well...extended family. I mean we have gone through very similar situations and you form a bond between parents that no one could ever explain unless it happens to you. Megan said tonight, Bella got sick again and had to come back, but that was her way of making sure our families got to become so close. I hate the fact she got sick, but like they say the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Matt and Megan, thank you so much for being such wonderful parents to your sweet angel. Your strength in the Lord will see you through these difficult times. Our children are the true definition of us...they will fight and we will be there every step of the way. Everyday with Bella is a gift, never take that for granted. Some days will be tougher than others but put your faith where it needs to be and that day you will get through too! WE love you guys!!!

Love from our special angel above!


RK said...

It IS amazing what we find that the Lord can do with our toughest experiences. I'm so glad you all can be another support for Bella's family. And I'm glad to hear she gets to go home soon!

Anonymous said...

Micah & Jason, what a blessing you are. The Gifts of Gabi's Grace foundation is amazing. I read Bella's blog and see what a difference you are making in her life and the bond you've made with Bella's mommy & daddy. All the "things" in life we strive for are so insignificant compared to what you are doing. I am so proud of the amazing people you are. With your help, Gabi will continue to touch all of our lives everyday. How lucky we were to have had our little angel. Her light shines bright in you two!!
I love you!!
Love, Mom (Mimi)

kaden's mommy said...

It looks like you two had a (very deserved) good time on your trip. Good for you. Sorry we weren't able to get in touch with you on Tues. Nate does not have the right phone number in his phone. I should have known better : )and tried to get a hold of you two on Monday, but I figured you would still be on the road. I hope that we are able to meet up sometime. Kaden should have another appt. in Oct and we should also be going back to KC at the end of Sept. We are suppose to be doing some type of conference for Premature and Medically Fragile Infants and Toddlers at KU. Honestly though, I have no idea what is going on with that b/c they were suppose to contact me this month and they haven't we will see. I am so sorry to hear about your father (in-law). You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers and we are saying extra prayers for your dad. We hope all is well. Take care...Amy

Anonymous said...

We had the best time with you guys. I hope we can get together sometime in the near future. I miss getting to talk to you everyday, Micah. You and Jason have been a God send. You are always in my daily thoughts and prayers. Again thank you for everything the other night!!
We love you!!
Megan, Matt, Bella, Abby and Madison