Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prayers for Chelsea

Chelsea is a little girl we have become very attached to. She is who I refer to as exactly what my Gabi would have been like. Her birthday is 1 year and 2 days before our little angel. They never had the chance to play together, but in our hearts they will be life long friends. Her Mommy and Daddy, Carey and Ryan, was the first couple we met with a child that has T21. They spoke to us several times before Gabi's arrival and helped ease us of our fears. She has a big brother Logan who is such a caring little guy. Well Chelsea has had some issues with being extremely tired, falling down, bruising all over, and not eating very well. Carey noticed these changes in the last week especially. Today they had some blood work done and the diagnosis was Leukemia. This saddens me because this little girl and her wonderful parents do not deserve this. They are at Childrens Mercy tonight I haven't had the chance to speak with Carey, but we are working on that. They will be doing a bone marrow test tomorrow. Jason and I plan on visiting them first thing tomorrow morning. Let's just say we have not been to the hospital once since our incident, but Chelsea and her family mean that much to us that we will face our worse fears and see them. Please please add them to your prayer list and pray that God will take care of this precious little girl.
Carey keeps a blog on Chelsea as well, please visit the address for updates
We love you guys, extra hugs, kisses and prayers! Gabi will be with you, she will protect Chels!!!


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Hey Micah!

I have a link to the button I made for Carey and Chelsea on my blog. I know you asked for it. If you have any trouble, let me know.


Kaden's mommy said...

Micah, please let Chelsea and her family know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Amy

Anonymous said...

God Bless Chelsea and her family throughout these rough times!?! And your right lil Gabi will look over them!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Micah,
My heart goes out to Chelsea and her family. That's just not fair!!
That's very brave of you to face CMH so soon after Gabi's passing...that must be really hard. I have a feeling though that little Gabi is watching over Chelsea and all of you.

Jacquie said...

How unfair is that. My friend has been doing chemo for Leukemia (APL) since August. I will pray for Chelsea and her family.

Congrats on the BFP??