Sunday, September 9, 2007

Gabi Girl - Precious Gift from God

Many of you have read the poem on the side bar. Well I wanted to make a special post because I finally added the end to the poem. It touches our hearts so deeply. It was written by a very kind woman, whom we've never met. Phyl if you are still reading blog, Thank You! We are actually going to print it for our families to is beautiful. God Bless You!

Gabi Girl – Precious Gift from God

Little Gabi Girl – precious gift from above
Chosen by God to remind us of His love
I don’t know that you will ever know how much
Your very life – so many lives it has touched

Your sweet smile, your innocent face
From my memory it is hard to erase
As it is with so many others far and near
Who have spent hours praying for you, my little dear

The heart wrenching stories your parents did share
Sparked an outpouring of love to show we care
Daddy’s little girl, Mommy’s sweetest prize
Brought people to their knees and tears to their eyes

He gave you strength and would not let your spirit leave
Your heart kept beating and we all began to believe
In the power of prayer, faith and love
An inspiring miracle – precious gift from above

We ask ourselves how much can one so little take
But we have to have faith--in you God would not forsake
Somehow by your determination and desire to live
You’ve spread hope to others – a wonderful gift to give

God Bless you, little Gabi Girl and your family
Much strength and prayers for a full recovery

~Phyl McCune 7/26/07~

Alas, It breaks my heart Gabi’s recovery was not to be
As hard as we had all prayed endlessly

God chose from her earthly body, her soul to release
Giving the ultimate recovery – one of everlasting peace
Reminding us all Gabi was indeed a gift from above
On loan here only temporarily for all to love

Sometimes we forget that life is a gift to be treasured
And the number of lives it touches cannot be measured
And so too, this little angel with her sweet little smile
Touched so many others, although for just a while.

Much heartfelt gratitude I extend to the family
For sharing one so beautiful – this angel named Gabi

~Phyl McCune 8/24/07~


Anonymous said...

Ohhh what a beautiful ending to the poem! It is well written. We are still praying for you two and Miss Gracie. We are also still checking the blog daily. Are you still raising money for the walk?? Let us know! Take care.
Angie Cain-Arnett

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. Even though that woman never met Gabi she expressed how truely special Gabi was and always will be.
And yeah I did learn how to comment. Now if I could just figure out how to do it under my name.
Love Ya

Christy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. that's amazing!