Monday, October 1, 2007

A Day to Remember...

Today is the beginning of Down Syndrome Awareness Month...

Get It Down; 31 for 21

A large group of us will be posting specail things to help celebrate this month, check out the blog listed on my side bar!

Remember our little angel, she brought so much joy to our lives and made us better people. My sweet baby girl we do miss you dearly, but we would of rather had a short time with you than never having you at all. You redefined life for so many...I love you punky!!!

Today was a really rough day. I actually put away some of Gabi's things. It still seems so soon, but I had to get organized. I tried to pretend I was just putting away clothes that don't fit anymore and I was getting out fall clothes...that only worked for a few minutes. I did not totally get rid of things, put her clothes in storage bins, put her blankies in a trunk we have in our room, and organized some toys and nick knacks. It definitely was no my idea of fun, but it felt good touching all of her stuff again. I put away all the clothes she never wore, her favorite clothes and special outfits are still hanging in the closet. I found some things I haven't seen in a while, like the bag of hair from her first was just a trim from Mimi, but I still kept the hair. It made me realize just how lucky we were to of had so many firsts with her even at only 7 months.

As if that wasn't enough emotion for one day, as I was finishing Jason came in to tell me, he got the job in Indiana, soooooooooooooo we're moving. it will not happen immediately, we will lots of time for transition, plus we will always be back every other weekend to visit Gracie. So for those of you close to us reading this I am sorry we haven't been in touch yet, everything is happening so quickly. We will be on the road to Indiana tomorrow. Jason starts Wednesday and we are driving, I am going to check out apartments or whatever I find. We definitely do not want to mortgages, so until we sell in KS we will not buy in IN. The town Jason is working in is Carmel, just north of Indianapolis. As sad and scared as I am, I am relieved no more stress about work. Even though we will be far from family we will be back tons and we can make it work. I am so proud of Jason he is finally taking a job he is excited about. This adventure of running our own company has been exciting, but it is just not good timing for all and all that we have been dealt. I am looking forward to a new city, but I will terribly miss everyone at home.

Then after all the emotions of moving we went to visit Chelsea up at the hospital. Carey has mentioned in her blog lately how they can tell the chemo is in her system she has been acting sick, not her happy little self. Well as soon as we walked in the door her face lite up and she was so playful. We were so happy to see her. We had a great talk with Ryan and Carey. Ryan went home for the first time tonight, that was rough. He is such an amazing daddy to Chelsea. It was sad to see him go, but Logan needs him too! We stayed to visit with Carey and Chelsea for a bit after Ryan left. I think Chelsea has a thing for Jason she is such a flirt around him, it is so cute to watch them play. We had a great visit with Carey she plans on speaking up a bit more, they have been told they would be with one doctor and now they are changing doc's and with no say...frustrating when you are just starting to get comfortable with one then they want to switch things on hopefully tomorrow she will speak to the right people to get some answers...

Go Carey Go!!!

Enjoy a few more pics of one happy girl... she loves making silly faces:)


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I bet that had to be emotional. I couldn't even imagine how difficult that has had to be for you. Thanks for including some pics of Chelsea. It's reassuring to see her smile. I am one to be happy that you are moving to Indiana. I will be less than 2 hours away from you then. ;)

So glad to see you are participating in the 31 for 21!

Isabella said...

We are so happy for you guys. And don't you even worry for a second about dinner. We will get together sometime soon. Until then, we will continue to keep in touch!! I bet you guys are nervous and excited. It is going to be great!! I will be praying for you all. We will let you know how things turn out at the appointment tomorrow.
Lots of Love
Megan, Matt, Abby, Madison and Bella

Nicole said...

Thanks for sharing Miss Chelsea's beautiful photos. I can't wait to meet you! We're in Indy at least 2X a year. Much love, Nicole

Valerie said...

I am excited for the new job opportunity, but I'm so sad that you will have to move away from all the friends and family you have here. But like you said, it will work out. You will be able to see them all often. I know it must have been hard on you to pack Gabi's things. But, I am continually amazed at the strength you and Jason have. I still think about you all the time and check in on you often. My prayers are also with Chelsea. She's such a little fighter. Her angel Gabi will see her through this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! I am so sorry to hear you are moving, but the good news is your moving to INDY!! You are moving to a WONDERFUL town!! Not too far from all of our family there. So we will be able to visit you everytime we come "home"! Another, great thing in Carmal is they have a really nice mall. Right up your alley, Micah!! Good luck and congrats on your new job Jason!!

Lots and lots of prayers for your whole family.

Love Always,
Angie Cain-Arnett

Anonymous said...

It was so good to talk to you the other day! I know moving right now is a little scary, but the job stress will be gone and you can continue to be happy and healthy for Belly Acker!

By the you plan pregnancy and moving so you can get out of moving everything??? ha ha, if you need any help at all, let me know and I can take off a couple of days to help you when you make that transition.

Continue to be strong for your family. Everything will work out and we will defintely make a trip to Indiana to visit y'all!

Love ya - Jen

Anonymous said...

Woah for lots of emotions!! I don't wanna be selfish but I'm rather excited your moving, it's close to me! What is that maybe 2 or 3 hours nothing like a million hours away!! We you get settled in we can visit. It's going to be a rough move but your a moving bee, you enjoy it and you find friends where ever you go with your big heart! That's truly sad about Gabi's things and I've heard sometimes its better to put their things away in the healing process. Not really sure, just what I hear..Please relay the message to Carey that we are praying for her family here in Kentuck and also for Kayden's family and their rough times!! Love u, miss u, can't wait to see u!
God Bless you lil bit and your family and to all the families!

Kaden's mommy said...

Congratulations on the new job. Good luck with the apartment hunting. It should be fun!!! I couldn't imagine going through putting everything away. Just another way to show how strong you are!!! So are you going to find out what you guys are having? I continue to pray for you all including baby Acker. Take care, Amy

Anonymous said...

Micah & Jason, this is another chapter of your life together. You two have shared so much in such a short time. You make a mommy proud. How lucky I am that I have you both and how I love getting on this blog to see Gabi's beautiful face everyday. If anything can make me smile she can. Hope Indiana knows how lucky they are to have you two. Here is something for Gabi in Irish Gaelic from mimi: "Ta' an cailin go ha'lainn"...translation " The girl is beautiful". I love you guys!!
Love, Mimi (Micah's mommy)