Monday, October 22, 2007

A Risky Test

I called the doctor's office today to get some information on the CVS test that I am scheduled for on the 2nd. When I scheduled the test, my mind wasn't thinking of the questions I have come up with since. The only information I was given was that this test will show if their are any abnormalities in the baby's chromosomes. I had no idea the procedure and if there were any risks. I should have known better, oh course there are risks. Today I spoke to the nurse and she told me it is even more risky than an amnio...and I did know the risks of that. So I went on to ask what exactly is the procedure...another needle, just like the amnio, but more pain and it takes longer, sometimes several tries before they get the proper amount of fluid. She asked why I chose this plan? And did I plan on terminating the pregnancy based on the results. The first thing I said was ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I chose this because this is what the doctor suggested. I want this baby no matter what issues may or may not be there. I told her I needed to speak to my husband because of the risk of losing the baby. I would much rather not know than risk the chance of losing this little angel. I told her I had already made up my mind and wanted to cancel, but wanted to run it by him. As soon as I starting telling Jason, he stopped me and said cancel. I just love him so much, I knew that is what he would say, but he didn't even let me finish before he said the exact same thing I told the nurse. This is how I know he is my perfect match, we are just right there with each other. I am so blessed and I thank God everyday that he brought Jason into my life...I love you baby!!!
Anyways, needless to say I have canceled the appointment. This means they will just keep a closer watch on the baby's development given my history. Later in the pregnancy there are other test that can and will be done, but nothing to risky!
I also found a doctor in Indy, I made my first appt. today. Just talking to the receptionist has already made me feel good about this place. She was super nice and very helpful and just kept telling me how wonderful the doctors are in the practice, especailly the one I will be seeing! My next appt. is Nov. 5th

So prayers for the baby's health, daddy's new job (which is going great), and my crazy appetite ( I have been eating like crazy, I am afraid to see how much I gain this time).

Love to all...

Gracie, Your steppy, Daddy, and Sadi miss you tons...Daddy and I can't wait to see you this weekend!!!


Isabella said...

Micah I know you made the right choice. It is just not worth it!! Matt and I are still not getting any time alone together, but I am hoping sometime in the near future that will change!!
Love ya

Mira said...

Whew! I was worried you would go ahead and do it! Things will be fine, I just know it. Gabi's taking care of it. It's good to keep up with you guys even if we can't see you :)

Kaden's mommy said...

I understand just how you feel. One thing the doctor HAD to talk about with us when we found about Ava was abortion. I let him know from the start that it was not even an option, God has his plan. I pray every night for the health of your baby.
The whole eating thing...been there, oh, and unfortunately I am still there : ). I have gained 20lbs already, but I think that I am doing better than when I was pregnant with Kaden. I gained 60lbs with him. How I look at it...what better excuse do you have but now. I am sure the baby enjoys it all. I hope everthing is going great for you guys and that your appt. goes well. Nate and I have an appt. with fetal medicine on the 25th...going to find out more. Well, as always thinking and praying for you all, Amy

amy flege said...

oh i think you did the right thing micah! glad you found a new doc and hope it goes well there!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you made the right decision. It is totally not worth it. Don't worry..everything will be fine. I can't wait to find out if little angel baby is a little boy or girl. =) Miss you!

Love you,

The Cool Teacher said...

Hey Micah! Good for you for saying "NO"! My mom went through the exact same thing. They asked her to go through all of this testing when she found out she was prego with me, and when she asked "why", they told her that if they found out I was like my sister that she could terminate the pregnancy. She was appalled!

P.S.--I got your email and as soon as I get my kabillion conferences done, I will have Little Miss write you a note!

Cherie =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's great you asked the questions before you got into the doctors office. R you going to have the amino test at all? When you said test, that's one I thought you were doing.. Glad you cancelled it... Things will work out just the way god intended!
Love ya buddy!
p.s. can you imagine when I get pregnant, I'm going to eat so much food, the stores are going to go broke..remember my saying "im eating for two!" Ha Ha