Saturday, October 20, 2007

2 Months to the Day

Can you believe that it has been 2 months, I can't! I feel like I am still just waiting to bring her home from the hpospital. In all actuality it has been 4 months since she has been home. WOW!!! Now that is hard to believe, I feel like life is in fast forward. Today I want everyone to give their children an extra hug and kiss from Gabi. In honor of my angel, tell your children they have a very special little angel watching over them:) Oh Gabbers Daddy and I miss you terribly! Love you PINK and SQUISHY!!!

Today Jason and I are going downtown Indy for the first time. Well kind of, last night we got tickets to the Pacers game. It was actually really fun. We had club seat, we had our own waitress and everything. Aaaahhhhh, the perks of working for a big company. Jason is working on getting tickets to the Colts, Chiefs game. Now that I am really excited for, I have never been to a NFL game and to go to a game like the Colts, holy buckets!!! Ok, now I am geting a little silly, so I will go for now. Sorry I haven't posted to many pictures lately, I have tons to share, but something is wrong with the old laptop...darn technology!

Hope all has a fantastic weekend. Love to all!


Isabella said...

Well, we have not gotten to go out yet. My evening nurse called in the other day so we didn't get to go. And this weekend, I have NO nurses. So we are staying home and doing some re-decorating and watching movies. Glad you guys got to go and have some fun. Matt was a little jealous I think!! Love Ya and Miss Ya

LadyRedstone said...

I found your blog through Chelsea's site and have cried many tears for you reading your story from beginning to end.
Your lives have truly been touched by an angel.
I too have lost my precious child. Down Syndrome, CHD, and a battle that was not meant to be won but for us to learn from.
I don't blog but you are most welcome to visit my site if you choose.
Keeping you in my prayers,

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

2 months already. These anniversaries have got to be tough. My hubby drives up to Indy occasionally for Colts games. He loves it!

Anonymous said...

We have been in Arkansas with our son and family for three weeks so today was our first Sunday at church in a good while. Thought of you the minute I walked in! We have a great nephew and family living in Indianapolis someplace. She is a "bigshot" with the pet food company and Chuck is a stay at home day at the moment. They do love it there. Enjoy it and remember to keep us updated about that new little sister or brother!
Phil and Dorothy

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady!! The NFL games are so awesome although I've only been to one.. haha! I went to the Kentucky n Florida game on Saturday it was great minus the hang over! I hope your doing good, lots of love!