Monday, October 29, 2007

Way to Long...

I feel like I have been hiding or something. This weekend we packed like crazy in KS. Poor Gracie didn't have much fun time with us, but we sure tried to make packing fun...if that is even possible:) I had her go through her things and get rid of stuff she doesn't play with...out with the old, make room for the new. Christmas is just around the corner! Anyways for the first time ever she filled an entire box on her own of things she wants to donate to other kids. She has such a big heart, we were so proud of her!

Yesterday was a really rough day at church. We hadn't been in a while and the message really got to me. I couldn't stop crying! Basically it was about prayer and how we need to come together as christian and pray, I find this to be very difficult lately. I do not doubt that there was a reason for Gabi coming and going so quickly, but it breaks my heart. It makes me question a lot and ask why alot. Needless to say yesterday was a tear jerker all day...oh I miss my angel so much!

Today was much better though, no tears...but the day is not over! I miss my babies daddy, he had to go back to Indy today. Can't wait to see him on friday!


Isabella said...

There will never be an answer that will make sense to us as to why God gives and takes away so young. All I can say is that it is not fair. In fact it just plain stinks!! I know God has a plan for everyone and he had a plan for Gabi just as he has a plan for you. As for why that plan involved giving you Gabi and then so quickly taking her away, I don't think we will ever understand. All I know is that God does all things out of love. I have been trying sooo hard to try and make sense of why? why? why? Why does it have to happen and why does it have to happen to you and Jason and why are Matt and I going through what we are. I don't know but it is frustrating. All I can say Micah is that I pray for your comfort and peace each and everyday. Know that we love you guys!!! Miss you too.
Love Megan

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I could only imagine that pain you experience. I am sure no one expects you to be over it so quickly. There will probably always be something that brings back a memory and the tears will come. They will happen less often through time. Just don't feel guilty over it. Hugs!