Monday, January 7, 2008

Kinsley Update

There is not a whole lot to report, today we had a check up. I will be 21 weeks tomorrow. She is doing just fine, moving around quite a bit. She gave Dr. Meltzer a hard time today. Kinsley is just like big sis, Gabi. She kept moving around making it hard to find her heart beat. But it was still loud and clear the few seconds she stayed still long enough to hear it.
Tomorrow is our repeat level 2 ultrasound...I will post then will another update.

Don't forget Saturday is Balloons for Gabi. We are really looking forward to see the pictures of all who are participating!!!


Carey said...

Thanks for the reminder. I've got to go get Chelsea's present so I'll stop and get some balloons tonight! And by the way...I've got something for you! A little gift came in the mail from Rose...remember? It's absolutely beautiful!!! Let me know when you'll be back in town. I would really love to do a little play date with Gracie, Logan and Chelsea would love it!

The Bryant Family said...

I have it all lined out.....we remembered and will send you pictures as well as post them on our site. Keep gaining that weight...I am going to join up with Carey and try to lose some that I gained 2 years ago with Tucker....ha, yeah I cannot use the comment I just had a baby anymore.

The Bryant Family said...

oK so I have one more comment....YEAH!!!! I have waited to see our name on someone elses blog as T-21 friends or other T21 sites... You are the first!! THank you.