Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So really can anyone define the word normal? We just got back from the level 2 and everything came back good. Kinsley is developing very well. The only thing is she is very small, imagine that. Big sis was small on the charts, but they said it was mostly because of the down syndrome. Well today the doctor said she was in the 20th percentile for weight and measurements...arms, legs, head, etc. He said there is no reason to think it is because of an abnormality, but it is because of Mommy!!! So looks as if not only is Jason going to have all girls, but little girls at that.
So the doctor goes onto say everything is normal! I often think to myself how strange it will be if this pregnancy was "normal." I know that God and Angel Gabi are on our side, protecting Kinsley. It is a wonderful thought to think we can be treated as "normal." I have to admit though I liked the extra attention we were given when pregnant with Gabi. The doc's watched her every move it seemed like, it was very comforting. But then again, the thought of knowing that our baby is a healthy baby is very comforting too. So I guess I have experienced the best of both worlds. I wouldn't of changed a thing about Gabi, other than given her a healthy heart, but I am really looking forward to only one appointment a and out!
Even though we have postive reports, please continue to pray for Kinsley's health and Mommy's sanity!!!
Thanks and love to all:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. My prayers are with your family in the next couple months and especially this weekend. Be strong and take care~
God Bless

Little Smiths said...

Of course she's small!! How else would they get her out of you! heh...I am so happy she's "normal." What a stupid word...