Friday, September 12, 2008

A Touching Moment...

Learning About Down Syndrome ...CBS Night News

After watching the clip from the link above and thinking back it makes me even that much more blessed that we were chosen for Gabi. Although there are some comments I do not like or agree with in the report, it is still a good story. I am so thankful that someone in high profile is bringing attention to our children who very rarely get the attention they deserve! Gabi was the best thing that came into our lives. We give more, want less, find happiness in every situation, and love better. Gabi and all her little friends are the most compassionate people I know. Our involvement will continue as Gabi lives on in our hearts.

Here is a friendly reminder, if you haven't signed up to walk with our Team Gabi's Grace you better do sign up...t-shirt deadline is next friday, the 19th!


Anonymous said...

That truly is special and I'm glad that finally someone is speaking out for those children with special needs. Just something that caught my attention was the lady speaking about "downs baby" or a baby with downs!" In school we learned that you DO NOT classify the child as their disability\ability first.. Its always a child with.. Please keep that in mind and be respectful! FOr those of you reading this I realize you understand and that this is not an issue but its so important to educate those who do not realize it.. people first language, as it is called.. is so important