Friday, October 31, 2008

Busy busy busy!!!

I am sorry for such a long delay in post, but I have been extremely busy. I have been working from home and I am the assistant cheer coach at the local h.s. And of course I have my precious little Kinsley keeping me on the go. Gracie just moved to Eudora, so I have had her a lot more too. I gotta tell ya though, the time with the girls has been amazing! Jason has been dreaming of the day that he lives in the same town as Gracie and it finally has happened.

Quick update on Kinsley, she is getting bigger everyday. She is sitting up on her own at times. She still hasn't got it everytime she tries, but she is pretty darn close! She loves being on her tummy and she is trying to scoot, won't be long and we'll be chasing her all over the place. She even sit up on her tummy, stretching her back, Ilove this move it is so stinkin cute! Of course she is ALWAYS so stinkin cute! She is constantly sticking out her tongue, wonder where she gets that from? She loves to mimick! She even responds to noises we make, of course she is talking to us! She has become quite the chatterbox! We hit a major marker on Tuesday. As of Tuesday she was the age Gabi was when she went in the day of surgery. So this is all new territory for us. Of course Gabi was around for another 7 weeks, but she was not the same baby those last 7 weeks. Ok before I get too emotional, with that being said topic!

Here are a few randon picture from the last month and very soon I will post our little pirate and punk rock princess!!!


Anonymous said...

good to hear you are doing ok and sounds like are you keeping busy busy busy...did you move to topeka???

it is halloween....what a beautiful day it is going to be!!

happy halloween to you all!!


CrackerJacks said...

You Have Been Booed!.

Happy Halloween!

Rachel said...

I honestly can not believe how fast she is growing. She is getting so big, and what a doll baby!

Glad things are going well.


Fred Acker said...

You just HAD to post the second picture didn't you?! Ha! I think Kinsley is saying "Hey, this is my goofy grandpa!"

Grandpa of the two cutest girls on the planet.. Papa Acker

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Happy Halloween!!!

I am so glad to see a new post. Sounds like you are keeping busy. I can not believe how big Kinsley has gotten. WOW!!! Well, miss you guys.