Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Breaks My Heart...

I know this is not the kind of thing I normally post, but it hit me hard. I felt it was important to share the truth. Now I am not trying to make a political stand on this blog, but there is hard evidence to the truth of this and I feel as an american we have the right to voice our opinions. Do I agree with either party 100%, absolutely not, but this I think is almost the deal breaker for me!
Abortion is a very touchy subject, afterall, I'd give anything to have my baby with me. So with that being said I do not think it is right to terminate a baby. I am on the fence though because I believe if it is a life threatening situation then maybe it should be considered. I don't know I am glad do not have to make a decision like that. But for those that do this, Induced Labor Abortion, shame on you! An innoscent baby should not have to suffer, because oops you made a mistake! Have you ever heard of adoption?
Obama wants change, well so do I, but not if it means we don't care about our future!


Rachel said...

That is unbelievably SICK! Who would do that. What kind of people could sleep at night knowing they did that to a baby. Goodness Gracious....I'm outraged by that.

Thank you for sharing with me. My vote was never for that idiot to begin with, but more so now!


RK said...

It is horribly sad. And it IS a deal breaker for me, always will be. If any given person or politician does not find it important to protect our most vulnerable citizens, I don't trust any of their other choices to be based in good judgment either. Thanks for posting this, Micah, though it is difficult, it's true, and it matters.

Isabella said...

You go girl!! I watched this video a few months ago and just cried. Obama is also the one who said if his teenage daughter were pregnant, he would allow an abortion because he would not want his daughter to be "punished" with a baby!! We really don't need a man like him as President.

anna said...

i feel the same way you do about abortion. not for me, not ever. but i also think that god gives us free will. by doing that he gives us choices tied directly to our own morality. those that choose to have an abortion will have a higher power to answer to. and government and religion are two separate arenas. they are intended to be independent of each other. i'm voting for the man i think will serve our country the best and leaving the tough stuff up to god. p.s. congrats on the big success of your buddy walk. i think about your family often. enjoy your little sweetie, they grow up fast.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

When I saw this, it made it much easier for me to make a decision. I think this is one of the sickest things I have ever seen. I can not believe me that is definitely MURDER. No buts about it. If any person at home were to do this they would be happens all of the time, but yet if it is in the hospital that makes it alright??? Doesn't make sense to me AT ALL. It really makes me outraged. Thanks for posting this...I was thinking of doing the same thing.

Jacquie said...

Wow. There are no words other than that is so wrong. So wrong on so many levels.

Owain's mommy said...

A little over a year ago my husband and I were expecting our first child. At our twenty week ultra sound we learned that he had a life threatening birth defect Congital Diaphragmatic Hernia and we were given a choice. My O.B suggested that we have a abortion. I was horrified I had know idea that this far along in my pregnancy they would even consider killing my baby!

I admit at first the idea ran through my head. I was scared of the unknown. We made the decision to give our son a fighting chance.

Today my son just celebrated his nine month birthday and he is healthy and happy. We are incredibly blessed to have him in our life. Sometime I think about what our life's would be like if we listened to my O.B.They would be empty.


Anonymous said...

Its Paula. I've been on the fence with this awful election trying to figure who is the worser of the 2 evils. This makes it easier for me to decide. You know all the hell I went through to adopt Ava. I know it takes a special woman to have and then give up a child but this adoption situation in the
US is a pitful disgrace!!! The Candaians can adopt our children we can't there. Having a baby is a privilage not a right. Only under certain situations would
i say its ok but we have to face up to this and take a stand. I was so fortunate to find a child in Russia and she has been the best thing that happen to me!! Thank God for me that she didn't take the easy way out!!
Obama is too shady and unbelievable with these major issues. Thanks Micah, We love you.
Would love to see Kinsley.

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

I'm speechless. Bless you for bringing this to my attention as I rarely get time to watch the news. Bless the little children that suffer at the hands of selfish inhumane people. Bless those who wish to adopt a child but who's chances are limited because people who do not value the dignity of every life choose to end innocent life so that they can go on living their own misguided pathetic lives.
Bless you for giving us hope when my faith in humanity gets rocked to the core.

Beth said...

That issue alone was a deal breaker for me - I could never support that! Having 2 children and pregnant with a 3rd - I cannot imagine making such a decision to end that child's life - it just isn't my decision to make! And like you said - heard of adoption??? So many people want children that are unable to have them and would welcome a child (regardless of the events surrounding his/her conception and birth) and give that child the life he/she deserves.

Thanks for sharing!