Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Poem with Extra Love

Twist of Fate
by Matt Yount

This poem was written by a boy who is extremely blessed with his little sister who has a little something extra...

A twist of a fate brought a special gift to my door
How was I to know what God had in store
The gift was wrapped in beauty and filled with love
It was more special than I'd ever dreamed of
At first I was unsure if this was really a gift
But all my doubts faded when I felt my spirit lift
The gift that God gave me was my special little sister
Overflowing with God's light, there's no way I could have missed her
She has brought me nothing but joy and laughter
The two things in life that are most sought after
She sings me songs and brings me to tears
With a smile or a hug she wipes away all my fears
She is more than my sister, she's one of my best friends
Her heart is so pure and her love never ends
She was everything I never expected
She was a gift from God who was specially selected
I love her so much we're each other's biggest fan
Her influence in my life has made me a better man
I wouldn't trade the world for the moments that we've shared
Because without her in my life who knows how I would have faired
Her future is so bright, I can hardly wait
My life has changed forever, thanks to a simple twist of fate.


CrackerJacks said...

Such a sweet poem! Thanks for sharing! Hope the girls are doing well and Jason isn't working TOO much! :)