Monday, January 5, 2009


Sorry it has taken so long to fill you on on the huge success we had this year with Santa's Little Helpers. A wonderful nurse by the name of Amy from CMH South, had been following our story for a while and thought we had started an amazing thing and she wanted to help. She made an announcement at her church and everyone was so gracious. Then my dear friend Alisha, over at Izzy 'n Emma's blog, wanted to help in a major way too. Her husband, Greg works for a screen print company and his company donated basketballs with our logo name as well as Miracle Happen Ministries. What a wonderful thing, I think I was most excited about the balls because they donated enough we will be able to use them for other events. We would of never been able to pull it off if it weren't for them.

Matt and Megan were going to pack up all their goodies they had collected and head up to KC to join us for the stuffing of the "stockings." We had to use bags, because of the amount of stuff we had for the kids. Unfortunately though with Megan being pregnant and her and Matt both came down with something. Bella had been sick the night before too, so we did not want them to travel the 3 hour drive and be sick the entire way. They stayed at home, we had both decided to cancel until they came to town in January for Bella's next appointment. I agree it was the right thing to do. But the more I thought about it, the more it broke my heart. It was our way of celebrating Gabi, giving to the place we spent our final days with our baby. We had to go ahead and give what we had and well we could figure out the rest later.

So we packed it all up and headed to Kansas City for the big delivery. I had to stop and get a few things to make it happen, but I didn't care we had to do this for Gabi! When we got to the hospital we stuffed all the bags and up to the PICU we went. Christy, one of our favorite charge nurses was working, she let us in and Gracie even got to hand deliver the bags. Some of the children were sleeping or their parents weren't there, so we had to just leave the bag for them. But there were a few children whos parents were there and opened the packages right away. They were thrilled, their faces were worth it all. One mom had told me, this was the only Christmas her son would get, because they had been in so long and they could not afford to do anything. That is the exact reason we started this, just to see that little boys face. I'd of given anything to see that look on Gabi's face. And I believe she was there with us and it made it all the better! Not to mention some of our favorite nurses were working and Dr. Tieves, our most favorite PICU doctor. She is the one who came back after her shift was over to be with us and Gabi in her last hour. It was bittersweet, but I wouldn't of wanted it any other way.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all of your generous time, money, and donations! We could not of had such a huge success. We look forward to another successfull outcome in December.

God Bless to you all!


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Yay! I am so happy everything went so well! You are more than welcome for the balls. I know they weren't anything special, but I am sure a few kids will get to enjoy them.

You all look great and I am so glad Gracie was able to deliver the bags.
I look forward to helping out next year. No time like the present to start finding sponsors. LOL!

Isabella said...

I so wished we could have been there :(
Matt and I were sicker that weekend than I think we have ever been. I have all of my stuff ready to drop off on Wednesday though.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful post! How awesome for you guys to continue doing this.


Carey said...

How wonderful! I've been waiting to hear how it went, sounds like a success ... but I knew it would be!!! A mom I know said she saw you or heard about the project ... Rainy's mom. God bless you, I know first hand how much the families appreciate this. It really really makes an awful hospital Christmas better. When your kid is sick and stuck there for Christmas, at least they have angels looking out for them making their time there fun!

PS, don't forget to send me the info for the quilt project. I ABSOLUTELY want to do it, and Chelsea starts school on the 12th, so I'll have some free time!