Wednesday, January 21, 2009

8 months and growing strong...

What can I say...we love TARGET!!!
She is pulling her self up on everything, or I should say trying. I helped a little here, but it won't be long little Miss Independent will be on her own.

I/We cannot get over how stinkin cute she is. This is the first shot she stood long enough I got in on camera.
Kinsley is now 8 months old. She is crawling all over the place. Last night she was playing with her walker. I stood her up and she was just hangin out. Next thing I know she took 3 steps all by herself. I would love to see her take her first steps before my birthday, which is next month, but we'll see. She is eating tons these days. Basically she will eat anything I let her. I have slowly been working on table foods. She still only has 2 teeth, so I am super careful.
I need to post Gabi's b-day pics. We had a wonderful celebration with great family and friends! I didn't get a ton of pics but some definitely worth posting, I will do it very soon.
I am feeling a bit under weather. I took some medicine tonight and now I can't sleep...UGHHHHH!!!! That stuff is suppose to make me sleepy!


Rachel said...

oh my gosh she is just so freakin cute. I cannot believe it has been 8mo already. Man does time fly when you are having fun.

She reminds me of my little Melana who will be 18mo on the 25th.

I'm sorry that you are feeling under the weather, hope it clears away soon.

Thanks for sharing these pictures, I love seeing pictures of her.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

Kinsley is getting so big. What a little cutie. Man, daddy is going to have his hands full with those two girls!!!

Wendy's Mom said...

OMG!! She is a little doll! My Mother and Grandmother use to have a saying that if a child learns to crawl and walk early that they are getting out of the way of another baby, and they were usually right!!So beware! LOL!! They were from the country and those folks had a lot of sayings.LOL!!


Isabella said...

What a big girl!!! I knew it wouldn't be long before she started standing after I saw her at lunch the other day.
Miss you bunches!!!!
Love and Hugs

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

She is adorable, no question!