Friday, January 9, 2009

Family Member Needs a Good Home!

I'll try to keep this as upbeat as possible but unfortunately we need to find a good home for the second oldest female in our family...Sadi, our Australian Shepard.

Sadi has been a great family pet and good with all of our children. However for some reason last night Kinsley crawled up behind her like she has done many times, and Sadi growled and nipped at her very quickly. It scared the living daylights out of both of us and I almost killed the dog! She is a great dog though and has been very good for everyone in the family up until now, and we just can not take the chance of something happening again. Kinsley is OK, when Sadi nipped at her she didn't even break the skin but the quick snap at Kinsley's head just left a little bruise and a mark on her forehead. Luckily she has a tough head just like her Dad! All we can think about though is the fact that it could of been a lot worse.

If someone would like to have Sadi she needs lots of love and attention and a place to run. She is a very energetic dog as are all Aussies. She has been an inside dog her entire life of 5.5 years but think she would really enjoy being on a farm to run as much as she wants. As I mentioned before she has been great with Gracie my 7 year old daughter, Zach my 4 year old nephew, and Joellen our 2 year old neighbor. We obviously want her to go to a good home and will not let just anyone take her but if you know of a GOOD home please let us know.


Izzy 'N Emmy said...

She's a beautiful dog and I wish we could take her, but our pup is all the work we need right now. Good luck finding her a home. I am glad Kins is okay too. *HUGS*

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am sure that was scary. I probably would have wanted to kill her too. I am sure that something must of just set her off, since it seems as though she is use to it. However, I wouldn't want to take the chance either. I hope that someone loving and caring can take care of her for you guys, as I am sure that it is hard to get rid of her. She is a beautiful dog and I am sure whoever gets her will be happy.