Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deep Thoughts by Mommy Acker...

(You like that title don't you Ginger...hahaha!)

Well here we at the end of night #2 and still not the results we want, but they are not bad either. So I guess we are definitely more satisfied than yesterday. Gabi is fighting hard and we are praying even harder. She has had some secretions out of her mouth and nose. The mouth is contributed from the breathing tube down her throat. As for her nose, now there is concern she may have a respiratory infection. That is not what we want to hear, but atleast if that is it they can finally pen point the problem and tackle it with some more meds. Then she could finally break her fever...poor baby is still running a fever around 101.5. Her blood pressure is steady at a place that we are less concerned, but her heart rate is still to high. So we are kind of hoping to hear she has a respiratory infection so then the meds can take care of her infection, knock out the fever, and her heart rate will go down, while still maintaining her blood pressure. WOW!!!

As we sit in our little 10x10 room we are anxiously waiting for morning without a call through the night. Tonight we had our own prayer vigil at the hospital chapel. It was so peaceful. Jason, myself, Uncle Freddie, Aunt GiGi, MiMi, and Papi all said a silent prayer, then we talked a bit. It was a very emotional conversation as if we have had any other type of conversations lately...but it was nice to be in a "safe place".
MeMa and Papa went to the church prayer vigil and said it was wonderful. 27 members showed up and showed their support for Gabi and our family. Mema said it was a tear jerker. A special thank to all who attended, you have no idea how deeply touched we are. Our angel is getting prayers from all across the nation. Word travels fast when a little one is in need. She is such an amazing little girl. She has so many people who love her so much.

Today has been hard for us, we are still not in a place where we are comfortable with what is going on. We had good and still some bad come out of today. She moved around and she is recognizing when family is talking to her. But we still have concern for her kidneys, blood pressure, and her heart rate. We are keeping our heads up and with Gods grace he will bring our baby to good health. Do not let my baby suffer, take care of her Lord. Lay your hands upon her and heal her. She needs you know more than ever.
We thought yesterday we were bringing her in to be fixed. She was fixed, but the fix brought on new problems that we did not anticipate. All I keep seeing over and over in my head is me passing her off to the nurses and they carry her down the OR hall. She had her eyes wide open looking all around smiling and where are they taking me? Sometimes I wish I'd of never let her go...God please let me put my baby in my arm see that pretty girl smile!


Fred and Phyllis Acker said...

It's hard to understand why these things happen. I can tell you this though: Gabi has a lot of very loving people praying for her. The love I felt at the prayer vigil tonight was just amazing. Everyone was so genuinely concerned for Gabi's well being it just took my breath away. We are truly blessed to be part of such a loving group of people. Their faith in God is truly inspirational. Gabi is only five months old and is loved more already than some people experience in a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Your strength is amazing to me Micah. Stay strong in your faith, let God work His will and keep your head up. There are great things in store for you all.


Anonymous said...

Stay strong Micah. I bet you 100% Gabi is just as exciting to be back in your arms as you are to have her back in your arms. It will happen very soon. Just keep praying, loving and talking to that little angel and before you know it she will be snuggling in mama's arms.

Christy Havard said...

Oh Micah, you are such a strong person. Gabi is a strong girl and she has SO many people praying for her. God is good and he will see her through this. I now have my little Gracie saying a prayer. I can't imagine what you are going through. I am continually checking for updates. Hang in there Micah. I wish I was there to give you a hug. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yep, the title is very fitting ;). All the deep thoughts are pretty tiring though, huh? Just please keep taking care of yourselves so you can be strong for Gabbers and each other. With all of the prayer and support coming your way you will make it through this and be better people for it. We know that blessings come through suffering and perserverence and you guys are doing a bang up job with both.

Love Aunt GiGi