Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oh the Roller Coaster!

We apologize for not updating again but has been a crazy day. I left around 2:30Pm today to go to a wedding for friends of our Curt and Michelle...Congrats again guys! It was a beautiful wedding and Gracie was the flower girl...we will have pictures of her up on the blog tomorrow. Micah stayed here with the little one and family and friends that were here to visit.

Our Roller Coaster continues as Gabi required more fluid today to help maintain her heart rate and blood pressure. If you've been following a long you know that isn't good as that is what makes her puffier. With that being said the odds of her being able to have her chest closed on Monday probably isn't real good.

I am the worst with asking questions that the Dr's can't answer. I keep forgetting that she is in the PICU and everything is one day at a time if not one hour at a time. Everything could change over night and tomorrow and she could be more than ready for the procedure Monday. It could all very easily go the other direction as well and that is why we continue to need your prayers. We know the world is still going on outside of this hospital and there are many more people just as much in need of prayers as we are, which makes us so appreciative when everyone does make the time to pray for our family!

Micah and I are sorry that we will not be in church to worship with the rest of our congregation but we will make our way to the chapel tomorrow and will be thinking of all of you who are praying for us! Gabi continues to amaze all of us and Micah and I could not be more proud as parents to know that we have brought such an amazing little girl into this world that is so determined and such a fighter at such an early age. We have said it before but that little girls is going to change the world!

We love you all
Jason, Micah, Gracie, and Gabi
(Big sissy is back with us to help take care of pink and squishy!)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Jason and Micah. I will continue to pray for you and Gabi. That little girl has lots and lots of people from all over praying for her! WOW! We will be leaving for vacation tomorrow for 9 days and will continue to pray for you all. I am so gonna miss this blog when I'm gone! I love it!! I must admit I check constantly for updates and pictures. Hannah May gives Gabi kisses on the computer screen, so she is sending her love too! I think she's addicted to it too! Wyatt said today, hey Mom when we get to Niagra Falls can we all throw a quarter over the falls and wish and pray for Gabi to get better?! I said, son you betcha!! So she will be getting 11 special wishes over the Niagra Falls on Wednesday! Take care and we love you guys!
Angie Cain-Arnett and Family

Tember said...


My name is Tember and I met you both once through Aaron and Amber, we played Cranium together. At any rate, I found your blog via myspace and have read through it tonight. You are an amazing family and are steadfastly going through so much. I'm a NICU nurse and I can empathize with how difficult is for families to have a child in the hospital. I just wanted to let you know you're in my prayers.