Friday, June 29, 2007

We didn't forget ya!

We apologize for taking so long to add an update to the blog! The positive side to that means that we haven't had anything really change to update! Gabi is doing so good...she actually had 45cc's of urine during the 12hr day shift which is incredible. She has less and less fluid coming out of her chest which means there is less fluid inside her. She is a little puffy still from all of the fluids from the first day that they had to bombard her with but since she is urinating more that is supposed to get rid of the fluid that is absorbed in her tissues. Heart rate and blood pressure are still holding strong and she has opened her eyes twice for me and mommy which really really made our day!

With all of this good news the wife and I would like to do something fun. We have so many people that are following along with us through this journey we would like to know more about you. Several of you are out of state so if you are following along with us if you could add a comment and put what state you are from we will see how many different states or countries are praying for and thinking of our little girl...once we have that we will report back on the blog a running total of how many different states we have!

- Nate and Amy - thank you so much for commenting but we need your contact info as we don't know how to contact you and see how Kaden is doing?

- Tatum, Eric and Donovan - Thank you so much for sending the angel of courage. It was perfect as Micah collects them. I don't have your number or contact info to call or send a thank you. If you could leave that for us we would greatly appreciate it.

- Members of the Centropolis Christian Church - We are so proud and touched that so many members came together for our little girl. It shows us why we drive over 30 minutes every sunday to worship with all of you. Thank you so much for passing our story on to your friends and family so we receive as many prayers as possible.

- Loving Friends - For all of you who know us or don't know us and have found it in your hearts to pray for us and our baby...thank you! Your love and support still helps to get us through the day. Many of you check this blog on a regular wife and I check the comments just as often to see who is watching and thinking of us! We get so excited every time we have a new comment of encouragement for our family!

- Parents and Family - You guys have been so amazing by standing by our side every day. Whether you are spending your entire day beside us or working as hard as you can to get to us as quick as you can! Your moral, emotional, financial, spiritual, physical, and food support has been more appreciated than you'll ever know.

- Jim and Vicki - To have you here every day with us is truly an amazing feeling. Even the Chaplain here at the hospital has commented on how amazing and impressed they were with the support that our pastor has provided. They have never seen a pastor offer so much support or be so dedicated to a family of their congregation!

- Aaron and Amber - You guys have helped us so much with one of largest responsibilities we have outside or our children which would be our puppies...thank you so much for allowing us not to have to stress about that and know that they are in good hands. now I'm starting to ramble I'm sure I left someone out and if so I apologize and will go with one last global thank you...we love and appreciate all of you! Until tomorrow morning...Good NIGHT!

Jason, Micah, and Gabi (pink and squishy)


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Gabi is doing better. I love this blog! I'm addicted to it! I have told each and everyone of my clients this week at the salon about your little angel. They all send their love and prayers for the Acker Family! A special friend/client of mine who works for major company in Topeka; has passed the blog onto many, many, many employees!! Isn't that amazing! The power of prayer truly works. Take care and hang in there.

The Arnett's

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that little Miss Gabi is doing so well!!!! The love and strength that you two are showing throughout all of this is amazing! Your girls are very lucky to have you. I love Gabi's piggy tails! They are so cute on her. Keep fighting Gabi!

Anonymous said...

Since learning about Gabi's condition through a co-worker a couple days ago, it has been hard for me to think of much else. I’ve never experienced such strong emotions for someone I have never even met. I have a young daughter myself and I can’t imagine what you must be going through. My heart goes out to you and your family. Gabi is so lucky to have such strong and courageous parents, and so many other people in her life that love and care for her. Thank you for sharing your story with us and I am so happy to hear that she is doing well. Gabi will remain in my thoughts and prayers for a long time to come.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are signing for Gabbers and adding "pink and squishy" to her name. Can you imagine having to live down something like that?? She'll have friends in school calling her "pink and squishy" someday and that can't possibly be something for her to look forward to. God will have to get her through that one as well!! Children in this family just don't get a fair shake.

Aunt GiGi