Friday, June 29, 2007

Mommy's Thoughts...

We have been debating for a while if we should or should not put pictures on here of Gabi all hooked up to her machines. But then this morning when we went to visit Nurse Debbie had put piggies in her hair. Well I could not resist I decided to show her off. She is still cute as ever and still being as spoiled as ever! So under the pre-op piggies you will find the new pics.

She has pee peed 22 cc's in 5 hours, that my friends is FANTASTIC! She has been responding well to the decrease in her blood pressure meds. So we are slowly getting to a "safer" place. It is a bit of relief, but I must admit I am still not emotionally stable. And of course I won't be until we are at home and even then I will continue to worry, but it will be comforting to be at home.

I know yesterday many of you saw an entry that Jason wrote "Do as Your Mother Says". Well I wanted to add a few of my thoughts, because it has really made me wonder how could anyone ever wish harm upon an innoscent child? She was sent to us as a gift from God and I would do absolutely anything to protect my angel. She is full of smiles, so much personality, and she has touched so many lives. In fact we found out today that someone has added her to a prayer list in South Korea...we have gone global! Anyways, the is only some much I can say in response to the hate message, but if anyone has ever had an issue with Jason or myself that is exactly what it is, an issue with us. How anyone could sleep at night knowing they said mean things about an innoscent child's health it is absolutely absurd. People change, we grow up and become adults and hopefully are more mature. I know that both of us are completely different people than we used to be, but that is for the better. And even in the last 5 months we have changed so so much. Our perspective on life has changed. We live one day at a time, we do not take life or people for that matter for granted. Gabi has touched our lives in a way that we never knew was possible and we will forever be thankful to her for that.

With that all being said THANK YOU everyone out there who continues to pray for our angel. We know she is being protected and God and many many angels are with her at this time of need. We always here the power of prayer is an amazing thing, but I never knew how powerful until now!


Anonymous said...

Micah and Jason,

I spent yesterday at KU Med with Doug and was not able to check on Gabi's progress until we returned to Centropolis. I called Judy immediately and was so pleased to hear the good reports. It's obvious Gabi is a fighter and she is not only teaching you lessons of life, she is teaching all of us. Yes, the power of prayer is an amazing and wonderful thing. God in his Heaven is watching over you all.


Nicole Krambeer said...

I check your blog constantly for updates and love hearing good news. It may be baby steps but it's music to the ears! There's nothing more precious in this world than our children, and each breath and each step they take makes us want to be better parents. Jason and Micah, you have my utmost respect for the love and strength that you give your children daily. You're teaching your two daughters more in these last months about hope and love then most of us learn in a lifetime. Your family is in my thoughts constantly!

nate and amy said...

We are so happy to continue to read the progress Gabi is making. We continue to pray for her and your family as she continues to heal. I am so sorry that you had to read somebody's ignorant thoughts. No one will ever no the pain you are going through unless they too have been through it. You two are so strong and loving, and as you said before...that is why God put Gabi into your arms. Continue to take care of yourselves and stay strong. Nate and Amy

Anonymous said...

Hey Micah, Jason and Gabi--

Good job, Gabi!! Keep fighting and bringing everyone the good news(especially that mommy and daddy!)

It is such a relief to check the blog and read the good news. The new pictures are very cute of Gabi. It's good to know that she has nurses that are loving and spoiling her for you. I know it's still a tough time right now, but make sure you two are taking some time for yourselves also. Gabi's going to need her parents rested and healthy when she's able to come home to play. We love you all, and you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!

Kim, Jen and Brayden