Thursday, June 28, 2007

No News is Good News...

Basically I have nothing to report...YIPEE!!!
Here are the stats at this point...
Blood Pressure still staying strong in the high 60's low 70's
Heart Rate is still up a little but because of some of the meds she is on that is very common, so not concerned there.
She is in a Sinus Rhythm which means her heart is conducting the way it should be!!!
Fever is 99.6 which is not a concern. Anything over 101.5 then we worry.
She was given meds to make her urinate and that didn't work, but it could have been absorbed in her tummy so we are not concerned. They are going to try an IV form instead and this has a greater chance of doing what we need, I will keep you posted!

Thanks again for the continual thoughts and prayers. I know that is why we are having the results we are. God is on our side and he will protect! All I want is to hold my angel, but right now I will take what I am getting... no more setbacks!



Anonymous said...

Go Gabbers Go!!

Aunt GiGi

Anonymous said...

Yeah Gabi!! Having everyone come together and praying for her, is the exact medicine she needed! The power of prayer is wonderful! We are praying for you little one. Stay strong Jay and Micah. We love you!

The Arnett's
Daniel, Angie, Wyatt and Hannah May

Anonymous said...

Keep on fighting, Gabi....we are all praying for you.

Barb Fisher
(Karl and Judy's Daughter)

Anonymous said...

May god be with you...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey,Gabi, Look MeMa is on your blog.And let me tell you it took me awhile. I, generaly leave this computer stuff to Popie. But he`s at work. And,I wanted you to know even though,I`m not thier I`m still keeping an eye on you. So you keep up the good work. And, MeMa,will do her part.Pray..Pray...Pray. Love you baby MeMa

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I always check on your progress before I go home in the evening so that I may stop and report to Dick and Esther about your progress. Today has been a good day and can't wait to tell them. WE are all praying for you little angel. Just keep fighting. You have the greatest family and we love all of you. Will check in the morning.
Love, The Kelsey's, Judy and Karl

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has something negative to say about this poor precious little baby girl clinging on to life deserves to be delt with in ways that I will not mention here.

On a postive note..Jay and Micah, stay strong and let us know if we can help in any way. I cant fathom the stress, fatigue, and undefinable emotions that you two must be going through. You are both great parents. Gabi, baby girl keep fighting. You will be on your little feet in no time!

Scott S