Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Sweet Angel

There will be a special prayer service for Gabi tonight at 8:00 pm at Centropolis Christian Church. That is the church we attend. We feel so blessed that we have such a supportive and loving church family service. We will make plans to go to the hospital sanctuary at the time of the special service. We will be with you in prayer. Thank you! We love you!!!

10:45 am-

Well Daddy and I finally got some much needed rest last night. Around 10:30 pm we left her room took showers and Jason added his last entry for the evening. Then around 11:30 pm we visited Gabi a bit longer, said sweet dreams and we went to bed. We got about 7 hours of sleep. We had a phone next to our bed in case of an emergency, but she did great through the night. Around 7:30 this morning Jason came and saw baby girl while I cleaned up. He called as soon as he got in Gabi's room. She had responded to his voice. She squeezed his hand opened her eyes a tiny bit and was moving her body. So I finished in a flash and came right away to hold hands with my angel. This morning the doctors decided to cut back on the sedation meds and increase her fluid intake to a steady pace instead a big shots once in a while. So she is responsive and we couldn't be more excited. Although her blood pressure is still low, she is doing better.

As for Daddy and I well we are definitely in a better state of mind than we were yesterday. God is giving us a little bit more reassurance that baby girl will come out of this just fine. We have said so many prayers that I think God is tired of us asking so instead of telling us to wait a bit longer he just may be ready to give us what we want, more importantly what we need. I know that is a bit selfish, but I want nothing more than to hold my baby!

So we just got word that she has been running a fever. Which in some cases is very typical, but with all the other concerns right now the doctors are taking extra precautions to make sure it is not due to an infection. She had blood drawn to send off and be tested for infection. They have given her some added antibiotics to help if there is an infection. So again we would appreciate you all to continue to pray for Gabi's recovery. Poor baby is going through so much. God is her strength and we put our faith in him to heal her.
Thanks and we will continue to update as the day progresses!


Lee Lee said...

I love you guys and i'm so sorry this has been so hard. Gabi will pull through this and grow up to be an amazing strong woman that we will all be proud to know. I'm thinking of all of you and hoping and praying that everything starts to go your way. Stay positive and know you aren't in this alone! I love you all...Lee