Wednesday, June 27, 2007


URGENT UPDATE - We just received an update that now Gabi's Kidneys are not functioning properly and after a major surgery the Kidneys are the first thing to have issues. Her body is releasing to much acid into her blood. They are going to monitor this and if she does not begin urinating then there is now a possiblity she could be put on dialysis. Dialysis will filter the blood to remove the toxins which will hopefully help her Kidneys to begin working again! Hey good news though her heart rate has been increased consistently so there is a silver lining. Now if we can just get something fixed without something else going wrong we would be set!

We want to thank each and everyone one of you for keeping up with this blog and praying for the healthy recovery of our little angel. The reason I have titled this one tick...tock is the simple fact that we are in a waiting game at this point.

Right now Gabi is receiving a blood transfusion which is helping to increase her blood pressure so that is a great thing. The only questions is will she be able to maintain it once the transfusion is over. The Doctor said that Gabi is trying to fix things herself since her blood pressure is so low her heart is beating faster to try and compensate for such low pressure. Which is good that her body is trying to correct it but it is doing it backwards! Her heart rate needs to slow down and build up more pressure to increase her blood pressure.

She is still on several medications, her fever is coming down a little so hopefully the antibiotics are helping with that as well. The doctor said that she will be in this up and down cycle of fluids and medications for the next 24hrs. They are hoping to start taking her off of some of her medications tomorrow and allow her body to take care of itself more and more. Her oxygen levels are very good so her lungs are working perfect. We just need that little heart of hers to start building up some pressure.

Stay with us and we will continue to let you know if there are any changes. Micah and I are so lucky to have so many of you going through this sit and wait game with us as our baby continues to fight. I don't know how we will ever be able to thank all of you for being with us and praying for our angel.


Anonymous said...

Wow - still riding the roller coaster! Hopefully you and Mommy have had some sleep. Praying for you as always. Uncle Freddie and I will be headed up in a little bit to give her another talkin' too! Hang in there...

Aunt GiGi

Anonymous said...

God Bless each of you! I was thinking of another friend that is struggling. We never appreciate what we have enough. Think positive, remember small things, as they will be big one day.

bigcitygrl said...

Hang in there guys, our thoughts and prayers are with you. She WILL perservere. Dad would like to know if you'd like him to head up there?

Becky Cain

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry you have to go through this and my prayers are with you guys everyday, i will be up their friday to show support and help with whatever you need my prayers are with you guys love you

Amie said...

Hang in there you guys. You have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly.