Friday, June 29, 2007

The Sun is Shining

Micah and I had a long talk last night about the interpretation of the word good. To some people when you say how are you doing and the immediate response is "Good thanks for asking" For us when people say how is Gabi doing and we say good what we mean is "She's not on life support or dialysis and she is taking baby steps towards being stable"

As you are going through something like this it is amazing at how excited you can get over what may be considered small things. I know Gabi is teaching us and I hope she is teaching the rest of the world that each day is precious. I've been through my own ordeals and and learned a whole new respect for life. This takes it to an entirely different level when it is your child. Every morning I come in to see Gabi and when she hears my voice and squeezes my hand it is like God has reached down and touched me himself!

Ok...Ok...Ok...I'll give the update now! haha

Blood Pressure - Still standing strong they have reduced her blood pressure medicene a little bit and she has been able to still maintain. They are not going to reduce it any more because they are going to start working towards closing her chest. It won't be over the weekend but the goal is early next week.

Heart Rate - Still a little high but not terrible. She had a spike in heart rate last night so they had to give her Digi which is the medicene she has been on all her life and it worked to bring the heart rate back down.

Fever - Gone

Urine - She is producing more urine and dumping more fluids out of her chest and electrolytes are good so the odds of Dialysis are not even in the picture today. She only produced 7cc's during the day and 25cc's through the night! Wooohoooo WE HAVE PEE!

They are going to play with some different medications and rates over the weekend to remove more fluid to reach our goal of closing her chest next week!

So let's gear our prayers towards the next baby step of her responding well to the new medications to be able to close her chest next week and get started again from that point!

Thank You all and please continue to stick with us...Gabi needs all of you!

Jason, Micah, and Gabi


Anonymous said...

Jason, Micah, and Gabi -- I have to admit that I check your blog a hundred times a day to get the latest update. You are both strong and loving parents and it's very easy to see just by reading your updates. I am so excited that things are starting to improve for Gabi. I bet you have never been so excited to see a dirty diaper! :-) Gabi is proof that prayers do help and I am so happy that God is giving Gabi the strength to fight this one step at a time. Keep your heads held high and we'll keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. April

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Gabi is doing better. All my love to the little one.


Anonymous said...

It is a strange day when urine production is exciting!! We'll be up in a little while to give her pep talks and smooches.

Aunt GiGi

Anonymous said...

I do not know you or your precious baby, but a friend sent this to me to pray for Gabi. I have checked your website everyday twice a day to check on her and prayed many prayers. She has touched my heart and I cannot imagine a stronger baby or parents anywhere in the universe. My prayers to all of you and I will eagerly await the news of her progress. What a precious baby she is. You are truly blessed.