Tuesday, April 8, 2008

6 weeks to go

Everyday I wonder when will the actual day come for me to hold my new little sweet pea. Kins becomes more and more active everyday. I am starting to wonder though, is it that she is really becoming more active, or is it that we are just running out of room so I feel every thing more intensely? Either way I feel like we are starting to see the light. I go for my 34 week check up on Friday, even though today is the actual 34 week marker. I definitely think she will be spending a few more weeks in, but as Jason grandma has told me, she is dropping and she will be here sooner than that due date. She is a very wise old woman, and typically knows exactly what she is talking about, so we are gonna go with her on this one...Thanks Gram, it is encouraging!

I will post a few belly pics later, but I need Jason to take a few new pics from today...he is napping right now. Daddy's gotta get his rest too! Although I think I should be napping, while I still can. So until I get those pics taken here is Gracie and the pea pod Kinsley got from Mimi, asleep with me on the couch. The pea pod is super cute, it has a zipper on it that has 3 little pea rattles on the inside, all have precious little faces. Gracie named the peas, you will never believe the names...Gracie, Gabi, and Kinsley, (I will have to get a better pic of the pea pod as well)!Gracie cannot wait for sissy to arrive, she has been practicing with her baby dolls, or I should say, refreshing her memory. What a doll, she is the best big sissy my girls could ask for:)