Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools on Mommy and Daddy

I have had many comments before about how much they appreciate my honesty on here. Well if you cannot handle the truth you probably should read on...this is pregnancy truth!!!

I was doing my ritual brushing my teeth before I get into the shower, I have no idea why I do it in that order, but I do. Anyways, as I was brushing and I felt a gush and it was uncontrollable. I was a little worried, it is definitely to early for my water to break. Well my first thought was I just lost control of my bladder. Usually I can gain control back...nope not today! I continued to get into the shower, cause I didn't want to make something out of nothing. Then I thought about it for a little while, one more concern Kins hadn't been moving around much this morning. Jason called and I told him what happened and he insisted I call my doctor, so of course I did.

The doctor said, just in case I want you to go straight to the hospital and go to Labor and Delivery...WHAT? Labor and Delivery? Jason was about 45 minutes away, I didn't have a bag packed, I hadn't even finshed getting ready from out of the shower. Well, luckily my step dad was home and he was more than happy to take me in. So I grab my purse and my phone, along with my phone charger, and off we went.

My poor step dad waited patiently in the waiting room for about an hour before he got any report. They gave me 2 different test to check fluids and see what it was. The first test came back for negative, it was not my water that broke, but they had one more test that was more detailed. I was hooked up to the fetal heart monitor as well as the contraction monitor. Kinsley's heart is great! And I had contractions but very few and far between for actual labor. The nurse did an exam and I am dialated to a 1...and I stayed at a 1 even an hour later. So little Miss Kinsley played her little April Fools joke on us today.

I have taken it very easy today, I am exhausted for some reason. Definitely taking advantage of the relaxing while I can. We are only 7 weeks away from our due date. Our family started a pool last night, bets on when she will arrive...guesses were anywhere from April 23rd to May 20th. My 3 year old nephew said May 24th, my due date is the 20th...I told him that answer was not acceptable.

Well I hope everyone had a less eventful day than we did. As much as I want Kins to come out now, she is still too early. So cook a bit longer baby girl:)


Carey said...

oh my gosh you scared me! I didn't like where that post was going. whew! not time yet baby!

Kaden and Ava's mommy said...

That wasn't a very funny April fools joke for you guys, now was it. Seems like you are going to have your hands full!!! Take it easy.

Love, Amy

My guess is May 2!!!

Keep growing baby girl.

Isabella said...

Kinsley, I can't beleive you are already playing jokes on mommy and daddy!!
Well I am going to guess April 30th
Sounds like things are headed in the right direction. Well you just rest and take it easy. One more week she will be considered term, I think??
Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. I'm glad everything is okay! Take care, god bless!

Anonymous said...

What a scare I am so glad everyone is ok! You need to take it easy dont want her here too early!We will keep you guys in our prayers!
The Giffin's

Anonymous said...

Mikey says, "Give me a twin" - May 1st! (but only if you're fully baked!)
Laurie :)

Jason & Katie said...

I am sure glad everything turned out ok for you. Not much longer now! Good to hear from you on my blog!! So, the marathon/half-marathon that we are doing this month is for leukemia and lymphoma foundation. It is in Nashville, TN and will be televised on the 26th of April on CMT. Check us out!! Talk to you soon.
Xi Love,

Fred Acker said...

I'm telling you guys.. MAY 20. That's all there is to it. My brother's birthday was May 20.. my seniority date at work is May 20.. my granddaughter Kinsley will be born on May 20!! Ha! Seriously, I don't care when she comes as long as she comes healthy and Mommy is ok. (Daddy too. He's a nervous wreck I bet! )

Love ya guys..
Mema and Papa Acker