Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gabi Lives On

Ok, my turn and yes I should apologize for taking so long as usual, but it makes the entries more exciting when they're spread out doesnt' it? haha

I titled this Gabi lives on because that is the goal of this blog, of the foundation, and everything else we do to help. As I said at her service I don't want her fight and strength to go unnoticed or be forgotten in a short time. Gabi has already taught so many people so much and her memory has helped many families in need. Our goal is to have her story continue to spread and continue to reach more people around the world. So please don't stop reading, please don't stop referring people to our blog or foundation. Not to mention Micah and I are both more than happy to talk to anyone if you feel our story would help someone you know.

So with that being said we have some very exciting news and we need everyones help. First Downs for Down Syndrome is having their annual Golf Tournament this year July 14th. Last year we raised almost $1,800 and were the only people to sponsor a whole in an individuals name. So first thank you to everyone that helped last year, that was such an incredible thing for Micah and I as parents of such a wonderful child to do. And we know we wouldn't of been able to do it without you!

This year we have actually talked to Amy with FDFDS, and she is willing to allow us to set up a table this year on the whole that we will be sponsoring to hand out bands and flyers about Gifts of Gabi's Grace to raise awareness. We can't solicite for funds because it is not our event, but we can raise awareness and reach more people with our story so a big thank you to Amy and FDFDS. To do this though we need you're help again. Our goal this year is to raise $2,500 so we can sponsor a whole, have two teams playing for Gabi, and have a table at the tournament to spread the word about Gifts of Gabis Grace.

If you would like to help make your checks out to "First Downs For Down Syndrome" and in the memo put "For Gifts of Gabi's Grace" and mail them to us. Someday when we get our 501(c)3 status approved it won't be quite so complicated but until then we appreciate your understanding! haha If you're not as worried about a receipt and want to use a credit or debit card you can go to this link - also go to this link for the mailing address.

We are also hoping to set up a Texas Hold 'em tournament in early June to raise money as well. If you are interested in that please just let us know and we'll get you more information as we have it. If anyone has any other suggestions of things for us to do to raise money for this event we would love to hear them. This is very important not only to Micah and myself but I think to all of you who have followed along with us to help raise awareness.

Remember Gabi!


Carey said...

we were actually planning a poker tournament to raise money for our buddy walk team for this year ... you see that has gone nowhere. i did get some great information on it though and took lots of notes from a gal who did one very successfully. if i could find them, i'd be happy to share! i'd still like to do one around our parts, but i'm not sure that's going to happen until next year!

REJunod said...

Your story has greatly encouraged me!! I just told someone about you today, and how I admire the strength God has given you!!! I do hope all goes well for the plans you have and that this foundation really takes off!! I regret that I cannot give towards it at this time, but I do admire you and pray for you all!!! I'm looking forward to meeting Kinsley as well!!! I pray for her safe arrival!! You all are so blessed.


Isabella said...

Sounds like lots of fun fundraising going on!! Let me know if Matt and I can do anything. You guys are truely amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! matt G