Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Hawaiian Princess and her Luau

Tuesday was a big day for Miss Gracie, Hawaiian Princess:) The entire first grade put on a musical program with a luau theme. The kids sang 6 songs and all dressed to impress. I gotta tell ya though Gracie was by far the cutest one up there on that stage. On the last song she even had a special part, she was the pink love flower. The picture in the gymnasium turned out pretty dark, but you'll get the idea. Gracie was so excited that so many people came to watch her. Mommy and Chance, along with her Mema and Papa Kitchen. And from our side of the family, Daddy and me, along with Mema and Papa Acker. There is one thing for sure she had the biggest crowd:) Her and Daddy kept making silly faces at each other. She was concentrating so hard on her songs, that she'd forget to much to remember!

Gracie, Daddy and I are so proud of did an awesome job! We cannot wait till summertime, we are gonna have so much fun. And Kinsley will be here and you will get to love her and hug her and squeeze her and call her...we will have to come up with another name huh? Oh and I will be sure to save the dirty diapers for you to change...hahaha!!!


Fred Acker said...

Gracie was definately the prettiest girl at the Luau! But what else could she be? She looks like her Grandpa! Very well done Gracie. Mema and Papa Acker are very proud of you too!

No need to think of a nickname for Kinsley.. it's Kaddy! :-)

Isabella said...

Gracie looks so cute. And from what I can tell from the pics she is the cutest one!!