Sunday, August 26, 2007

An Amazing Celebration!

The day was perfect for Gabi and there are so many people we would like to thank for that. I'm sure I'll miss someone and if I do, just know if you were a part of the celebration of Gabi's life we love and thank you for it. This could end up pretty long so prepare yourself!

Benji who is a personal friend of ours was also the funeral director. She was amazing in all she helped with and how she set up the flowers and Gabi's pictures. We are so glad that we had someone we knew to help us through that part of the most difficult time in our lives. It is almost indescribable how beautiful the arrangements were.

We defnitely want to mention Sara our photographer. We took some amazing photos when Gabi was 3 months. We kept putting off ordering them and we called Sara on Monday and she worked her magic. We cannot thank you enough Sara, you are an incredible person, and a fantastic photographer. Visit her site

Without all of you that sent flowers though there would of been nothing for her to arrange. All the flowers that were sent were so beautiful and very much appreciated. We would like to send out a very special thank you to our Trisomy 21 community that sent the three vases with the 21 tulips in each along with the "Welcome to Holland" Story. With that, we would also like to thank the Esteban family for coming and introducing themselves. As they were a family that was drawn to Gabi's story from this blog, and came to pay their respects.

We want to thank everyone that attended the service as we hope you found it as beautiful as we did. A special thank you to Matt and Megan Gudde who are the parents of Isabella that has been so frequently mentioned in our Blog. Them along with a few of Gabi's nurses made it to the service which meant the world to us. By the way Bella is doing better but continues to need our prayers. That little girl has a lot of fight left and we can only hope that Gabi is now helping her with that fight.

Our to even start here. Our little church is so amazing it takes my breathe away every time I think of all they have done. First, Mr. Cain did a great job with conducting the service. Our Church family also provided the lunch after the service which was enough food to feed about 300 to 400 joke! We had so much food left over Dorothy made the suggestion that we auction off pies for "Gifts of Gabi's Grace." Oh and what an amazing idea that turned out to be. Auctioner Freddie ended up raising a little over $500 for the fund just by auctioning off pies. That just goes to show how incredible our friends and our church family is.

Our Family. This is one that takes more words than I have in my vocabulary. My brother said it best when he spoke at Gabi's service by saying "We are now closer with our in-laws than most familys ever have the pleasure of being." All of our families have come together to support us and each other in so many different ways, that there is no way I can list them all. It makes Micah and I feel so blessed because there are so many people that don't have families like we do, so thank you to our families.

To my brother...he has taught me so many things as my older brother. Some better than others but overall he has been amazing throughout all the trials of my life. Yesterday my brother showed me why I respect him so much as a man. He found the strength to get up and speak very elequently during a very difficult time out of love for me, my wife, and Gabi. I love you Freddie...thank you for being such an amazing brother.

To our friend Mike and Tami who found the strength to stand and read poems for us because the people that wrote them or found them knew they wouldn't be able to get through the words. We love you both for accepting the challenge and doing such a wonderful job.

Again to all of our friends and family we love and appreciate all of you. As I said on Saturday I plan on fighting every day to make sure that Gabi's influence is not gone in 6 weeks. I want everyone that has been touched by her and learned to be so much more appreciative of life, love, family, and our children to continue to remember Gabi's impact forever! Stick with us on the blog for continued updates on the foundation and how we will be trying to continue to spread Gabi's Love!

Jason, Micah, Gracie, and Gabi (Our Pink and Squishy Angel Above)


kaden's mommy said...

Micah and Jason,
It sounds like Gabi had a beautiful celebration, she is such a wonderful inspiration that it would be hard to believe that it would turn out differently. Again, we are sorry that we could not make it, but you all were in our thoughts throughout the day and continue to be in our prayers. We are blessed to have met such a wonderful family, it gives us peace knowing there are parents like you out there for these amazing, precious angels. Take care, and again if you need anything...don't hesitate to let us know. Love Always, Kaden's mommy (Amy)

amy flege said...

wow.. iam so amazed at your grace, micah. i want you to know that you have all been in my prayers non-stop and you continue to be. i wish i could of been there to help celebrate gabi's life with you on saturday. hugs to you !!

Kei said...

Gabi will forever be in my heart and I will be checking your blog for updates on the foundation.

Much love & prayers,

Anonymous said...

Jason and Micah-
Last night I went to my monthly Bunco game and when we were done with the game and planning next months game I made an announcement about my sweet and ever so special cousin the angel and reminded them that we need to remember to hug and kiss our children and tell them we love them everyday and not to take that gift for granted because we never how long these will last. There were alot of tears and hugs and condolences that are to be sent your way with lots of prayers.
Gabi continues to touch more lives.
The service yesterday was so beautiful and moving. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know Gabi. Thank you for sharing her.
We love you all and are here for you!!!
Talk to you soon!
Paula and Ava

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I thought of you all the entire day Saturday. I am so glad the funeral went well and that Gabi was remembered in such an awesome way. Sounds like you all are truly blessed with such supportive family, friends, and brothers and sisters through Christ Jesus. I will definately frequent your blog for updates. If you all need anything, I'll be here! Micah has my email but just in case thegrahams at

God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Micah and Jason.. I am glad to hear that the celebration was beautiful just as Gabi's soul is. I wish I could of been there but I was there in spirit and in prayers all day and have been since day.. Micah-my mom sends her love.. Anything we can do from the Kentucky side-let us know.. I will be in toucn and checking the blog.
Never Forgotten..
God Bless
Buglet(Dana Sue)
...Micah I am just a phone call away when your ready to talk!
Love u

Mayte said...

I just wanted to let you know that we have been truely touched by your family and specially by Gabi. We have been praying for everyone in your family and just wanted to let you know that through the internet we have been with your family and with Gabi throughout your journey. Que Dios los bendiga.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Micah and Jason,

I have recognized you all for a blog award. Come check out my site for it. I understand you all are very busy right now, so take as much time as you need to get to it. But you all were my 1st thoughts when I had to thank of nominations.

God Bless!

Nicole said...

I have no doubt that God will use His special girl and her special family to impact the world. Our kids who remain here will know that Gabi's spirit has made their lives better. We will not forget her either! Much love, Nicole and Tarenne

Anonymous said...

Saturday's service was beautiful and a great tribute to Gabi. She is definitely a loved little girl. We will miss her! Love, Laurie

Anonymous said...

Celebrating Gabi on Saturday was the most beautiful, touching experience of my life. What an out pouring of love for her and for Gabi's awesome mommy & daddy. It made the day so special for us all. My life has been touched by an angel named Gabriele Sheridan Acker. I never dreamed our little angel could touch so many in such a short time. Micah,Jason & Gracie you are such so special and have so much you want to accomplish. Together we will keep speading Gabi's gifts of grace. I love that little girl so much and love you all so much too. With the help of your little angel I know you will do wonderful things. Thank you for bringing Gabi into my life. She is in my heart forever!!
Love, Mimi T.

Brandy said...

I just found your blog today and had to leave a comment for you. Gabi was a gorgeous little girl and I am so sorry for your loss. I wanted you to know that your beautiful Gabi is still touching people even now and I'm sure will for many years to come. Your family is in my prayers.