Friday, August 3, 2007

Pretty Pretty Princess

Yesterday Gracie and Nurse Makayla put a dress on the little princess. She looked absolutely beautiful if I may say so myself. And she kept the dress on for most of the evening. We left to go out to dinner around 6:30, Mimi and Papi showed up to visit with her. Well not to long after they got here she got very hot...temperature spiked to 103.4. I cannot believe it got so high. She seemed a little agitated when we left, but gees oh petes. So I am so glad my parents were here to watch after her. They stayed until she feel asleep, which was around 9.
She had a pretty good night after she finally broke her fever.
Today has been calm. Changes today...6 cc's to 8 cc's of formula and they turned off the epi again, hopefully for good. So far things have gone well, she was sleeping when Gracie and I got here. As much as I want to see those big blue eyes, it is more comforting now to see her get some good rest. Later today I am going to hold her, I have been dying to all week, but she has just been so agitated, and it is a lot of work on her. But today is a better day, so I am definitely going for it.
Gabi loungin
and Gracie strikin a pose!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like every day she is a Gabber step closer to home. She's stubborn enough she may even prove those doctors wrong and make it clear she's not stayin' until fall ;)

Love Aunt GiGi

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aunt GiGi. I think she will prove the Doctors wrong. What a great picture of Gabi looking up at big sis. I think she will always look to Gracie. Hopefully the fever thing is gone and she has a great weekend. We are all pulling for you guys and still pray for you everyday.
Karl and Judy

nate and amy said...

Looking good Gabi!!! Keep it up and you'll be closer and closer to home. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. It is so good to see you looking better. You are such a pretty little girl, just like your big sis. We pray that you are comfortable and that you get much needed rest (same to your mommy and daddy). Keep up the hard work...sweet dreams angel. Nate and Amy

Anonymous said...

Every day seems to be getting a little better, just keep praying! I love the dress. =),
God bless

Anonymous said...

We are still hangin' in there with you kids! Know you are getting really tired-but also know you will win in the end! Won't get to be at church yet tomorrow, but hoping to be back in the swing of HOME "Stuff" after tomorrow.
Hopefully, you will be getting more and more GOOD NEWS! I pray for you ALL daily-Dorothy (and Phil too)