Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dear Baby Jesus

Ok...if you know me and my movie fetishes I'm sure you've started reading this blog entry with a smile on your face! If you don't know the movie I'm sure someone (Mike) will leave a comment with a retort that might help you figure it out!

Anyways, as you can tell from the last few entries that we have been less than pleased with where we are. We are 50 days in and it feels like the first. Ahh another great movie...50 first dates, it's like we're reliving the same day over and over every day we wake up! Man I need to write a movie script about our lives and make millions on the film! haha

Micah and I have been so concerned and scared lately that many times we forget the gifts we've been given. Gabi was almost taken completely away from us on June 26th. We've been given the gift of the last 50 days to keep seeing her, loving her and touching her. No it isn't going as fast as we want or as well as we want. Again, anyone who knows me well enough, when has my life ever gone down the easy road? lol.

So we will continue to pray as we know this is in gods hands. Granted we would appreciate a little more comforting and quicker working hands but hey, he has a plan, and who are we to question that plan! As the infamous Forrest Gump says..."Life is like a box of chocolates...ya never know what you're gonna get" LOL.

Hope you enjoyed my update, as now I'm going to take mommy out to dinner, go home watch a movie, and get some good sleep in her big bed vs the pad in Gabi's room!

Jason, Micah, Gracie, and Gabi (My Pink Rock)


Shannon said...

I guess I haven't seen the movie you were originally referring to. I'll have to wait for the explanation. I think it's great that in the midst of it all, you remember to take care of your wife, too. Very sweet!

RK said...

Ha, Ricky Bobby...nice.

I can't imagine how frustrated I'd be in your position, and I think you've done an excellent job of being patient in the circumstances. We're hoping for you that some reassuring progress is made very soon.

Anonymous said... we know that you like Christmas Jesus...what kind of Jesus do you think Gabi likes? Im bettin' she likes tuxedo t-shirt Jesus...cause well I can see it in Gabi that she likes to party...I mean come on...she has that rave light that shines all the colors on the ceiling and if that doesnt say I like to party and the tux t-shirt doesnt say I like to party then what else in the world does? Couldnt be anymore clearer to me. Im thinkin if we can just convince Gabbers that there is a killer rave at home she might want to leave the hospital! HAHA Let her know Im bringing the party to her room on Sunday!

Big Mike

Anonymous said...