Saturday, August 18, 2007

Princess Fiona Returns!

I apologize for not updating the blog for a while since Gabi's surgery. Life gets a little crazier over the weekends. Gabi had her surgery yesterday afternoon and Mommy and I stayed here til late Friday Night. I was unable to go pick Gracie Girl up but luckily Big Mike works for daddy's company so he was able to drive over and pick Gracie up and drop her off with Mema and Papa. Gracie is camping with Mema and Papa in the Toy Hauler in Lawrence, so we got up super early to go swimming and have lunch with Gracie and the rest of the family. We are back up at the hospital but Micah has her 10 year class reunion that she wants to at least make an appearance. So if you can't tell we are constantly on the go!

Not much to report about Gabi other than she is retaining a ton of fluid. She is back to our little princess Fiona again! haha. She has still be peeing ok, still not enough, and her chest output is still down. Heart Rate is good, Kidneys's are still very sick but not as bas as they have been. They have given her some stronger pain medicene yesterday and today due to the surgery but she is off of her adavan and methadone completely, so that is good news.

We really need every one to say some strong prayers for Isabella and her parents. We saw them in the hall today, and they said they didn't have a very good day. They had a more serious discussion with the cardiology team in regards to "if" they make it out of here. On th positive side for her she has been gaining weight!

So everyone keep doing the pee pee dance and if you don't know how the song goes it's very easy..."Gabi go pee pee....Gabi go pee pee....Gabi go pee pee....pee pee...pee pee pee"

Thank you so much to everyone, it means so much that you have been with us through this entire journey. For those of you that have not been keeping have been following along for the last 53 straight days! Man that is a record I really don't want to see how big we can get!

Jason, Micah, Gracie (waterbug), Gabi (Princess Fiona)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Gabi, you are doing great little girl, Popi & I are excited that we get to babysit you tonight while mommy & daddy go to the reunion. You are our little princess and you are so strong!! I stand by your bed and hold your tiny hand and pray for strength for you and your mommy & daddy. You are such a lucky little angel and are sooooo loved by so many. You keep up the good work...Get Strong & do the "pee pee dance". I love you baby girl!!
Love, Mimi & Popi

Kei said...

Continued prayers for your precious Gabi. Thanks for taking the time to keep your blog readers updated!
Continued pee pee dance chants... c'mon Gabi, we know you can do it!

And prayers for Isabella and her parents.

Shannon said...

She certainly does look very swollen in these pictures. Shiney and tight, but hopefully it's just because she had surgery, and now that her kidneys are doing better, she will quickly get rid of all that excess fluid. I am glad she is doing good.

What? No references to any movies????

RK said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well. We'll keep praying for those kidneys!

amy flege said...

we are singing the pee pee song loud and clear here!!! can you hear us all the way from Iowa??
keeping your sweet Gabi in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Tons of prayers are going out right now! I added the icon to myspace..its quite gorgeous! Glad you typed the pee pee dance lyrics out, I've been wondering what those were about!
Love everyone