Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day 42

Well we were really looking forward to today, but then nothing...again! We continue to sit and wait. We talked this morning with Dr. Allen, it wasn't as optimistic as we had hoped. Obviously we are in PICU for a reason, she is still in a very serious stage. There are a lot of small issues that never seems to get better.
Yesterday I was super concerned with the fact Dr. Allen increased her food 10cc's more than where we started for the day. I should of said it today...I TOLD YOU SO! She threw up a little in the middle of the night after she was given her sodium chloride, which HAS happened before. Oh and you will never believe this... return of the explosive bottom!!! Poor baby, now they are going to take samples of her stool. Momma knew she could not handle 22cc's at 26 calories. Today they stopped her feedings to give her tummy a rest and she is back on the TPN, iv feedings.
As far as the fevers go...still a mystery. They continue to culture her every time and thankfully nothing grows back. So we are staying lucky there, but it still stinks because if something did grow back then we would at least have some direction.
We spoke with Dr. O'Brien our surgeon, he said as long as things stay where they are and we can continue to focus on her nutrition and may be figure out the fevers then looks like next week we will do the trach. Seems a bit scary, but at least then we have some direction and we can be more involved with PT. In fact, PT stopped by today and gave me a few different exercises to work on with Miss Gabbers! Her joints are a little stiff, but who's wouldn't be after laying around for 6 weeks, with very limited movement.


Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Princess Gabi!

We are sending prayers your way. Be strong precious one-you have many new friends you have to meet, Miss Gracie being one.

"God please bless and give strength to Miss Gabi, her parents, her family. Guide the hands and knowledge of the medical staff that are taking care of her and please bring her home to her family real soon!"

Hugs and prayers from your new friend Gracie and family.


Anonymous said...

Gabi, I know what a little fighter you are...everyday is another test for us all,but I do believe in you baby! You be sure and do your excercises with mommy and maybe I can help when I get there tonight. I hope the doctors listen to your mommy cause nobody knows you better than she does. You are in so many thoughts & prayers from people everywhere. You are one loved little angel.I love you my sweet baby and can't wait to see you tonight.
Love, Mimi T.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Micah (and Jason). Sounds like you have a little time to consult with God on what steps need to be taken next with Gabbers. He will help you to find resolve in your heart when you are making decisions for her. Hopefully you feel somewhat reassured that your instincts are usually correct - who can understand a baby better than Mommy!? She's a lucky girl to have you near to step up for her.

Love Aunt GiGi

Shannon said...

Hey Micah!
I got your comment on Gabi's World, but I didn't have your email so I will respond here: First Pam told me she wanted her button to have a frog, so I searched for a frog pics. I found a bunch that I liked and then I used photoshop to alter it and add letters and stuff, then I just aded the HTML code that allows it to work as a button. You want one?

FBF Rothkopf said...

Wishing Miss Gabi strength and a speedy improvement, and her family the hugs and thoughts of another T21 family.

La Principessa Sofia Phoebe Daniella (2/18/05, DS) and her mommy Francine, daddy David, and big brothers Sammy & Micah (yup!)

Anonymous said...

Yep, MOM knows best doesn't she?!?! Hang in there, Micah. I sure hope they figure what is causing her fever to spike up like that. It is so cute that Gabi is waving at you and she is reaching out to you. She is still in there somewhere and is starting to show her true colors! Im still trying to figure out if she takes after you Jason or Miss Micah. LOL She is fiesty just like both of her parents are. I don't know where you get your strength, but you truly amaze me!! I look up to you! Still saying prayers for you and Gabi.
Angie Cain-Arnett

Ellen said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying hard for Gabi! She's so beautiful and I know she's surrounded by love. Hang in there, little girl!

RK said...

Hello, I found your site through Gabi's World, and I've just spent the last hour reading through the last few months. My daughter, Braska (, had open-heart for AV Canal at 3 months on 2/28/07 but we had no complications like yours. I just can't imagine! Just know that you are a great example of how God can guide you through such difficult circumstances. I'll keep watching how she's doing and we'll be praying for wise doctors, parental strength, and comfort for little Gabi as she recovers.