Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good Vibrations

Today for the first time Gabi got to sit in a bouncy seat. She stayed really calm and seemed to love it. Her heart rate even came down a bit while vibrating.

Not to much has changed today...seems to be the trend. They did wean her down another 10% off of her sedation meds. And they increased her formula from 2cc's an hour to 4cc's an hour. Basically that amounts to 4 drops, it's a little more than that, but she is tolerating well. They did take her off of an antibiotic thinking it was the reason for the increase heart rate for the last two days. She had another fever last night, 102.2 they think that might have to do with the antibiotic too. We won't know for sure for the next couple of days. Well Gracie just informed me Gabi fell asleep in the bouncy seat, she has been very restless, so I am so excited she was able to relax enough to catch some z's.

Isabella was doing a bit better yesterday, so thanks for adding her to your prayers. I will have to visit with her parents later to find out about todays progress.

So today Gracie, Mema, and I went shopping. It was really good therapy for me. We had a great time, it helped me stay distracted and I think that is exactly what I needed. So thanks again girls!

Angie, I am having lunch with a friends tomorrow so please don't come to early, I want to be sure I am here when you come.

Nate and Amy, I gave Matt and Megan you email info. so hopefully they will be in touch with you. She said thanks so much!

Special thank you to all who have left us such wonderful comments, it helps brighten my day!!!

Love to all...


Anonymous said...

Oh so glad Gabi got some sleep in her bouncy! I just love those little bouncies, it is amazing all the gadget's they have for kids now days! Back when I was kid we didn't have to be in carseats! LOL Sounds like you are doing better today Micah, I always say shopping is good for your health! OK, great I have some errands to do in the morning and then I will be up around 2 to visit you and Gabi. Can't wait to see my little angel! Angie Cain-Arnett