Thursday, August 16, 2007

I wake up in the morning and pee excellence!

Ok...sorry with the movie cliche's but we are doing so good with the wee wee but we need to continue our prayers for pee pee and Gabi's kidney's. Gracie, baby, you need to keep doing the pee pee dance and ask god if he can do the pee pee dance too. haha

We don't have a lot to update at this point. She is still pretty much even on the amount of fluids in and fluids out. The big positive that we have is her chest output is either staying the same or going down a little. We really need that to completley stop and her urine output to continue to increase. As her kidneys get stronger we will be able to test her tummy with more feeds. We're told that if she gets strong enough to handle more protein the protein will help pull some of the fluids out of her tissues. She is still pretty puffy, hence the pink rock comment yesterday.

We are excited but definitely not going to get too excited but the custom trach should be in so she can have her surgery tomorrow. We have no idea what time they will be able to come in but they said the only way she wouldn't get it tomorrow is if Gabi just wasn't healthy enough to go to surgery. So tomorrow will be a big day for us hopefully so keep us tight in your prayers tomorrow. It is about an hour long procedure of which Micah and I will be on pins and needles. I'm sure we will be updating the blog as we get updates from the nurses on how surgery is going.

As Bruce Almighty would say..."And that's the way the cookie crumbles" haha

It's apologies :-) haha.

Jason, Micah, Gracie (pee pee dancer), Gabi (pink and puffy)


Shannon said...

Okay today I can join in and B-E-A-utiful! Sure sounded like a beautiful day! Prayers for you all!

Kei said...

Praying for the pee pee dance to work. Will be thinking positive thoughts and saying prayers for a great tomorrow.

Michelle said...

We are doing the pee pee dance as well. We continue to pray for Gabi and will do extra praying today. May God be with the medical team and Gabi.


Michelle & Matthew from T21